Easy Dehydrated Food Recipes

Our dehydrated food recipes are tantalizing, mouth-watering and so e-a-s-y to make!

All of the recipes in our eBook contain dehydrated food, but are not made "solely" of dehydrated food. For example, you need to add stock, and meat, for the soups. In fact, we do let you know what quantities of "fresh foods" to use that you may have on-hand, instead of dehydrated!

Easy to make Dehydrated Food Recipes
Using Your Very Own Dehydrated Food!

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NOTE: For the Easiest, Greatest Tasting Stock that's in most of the above recipes,

20 Taste-Tested Easy Recipes Containing Dehydrated Food

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These breads are really easy to make. I was very surprised at how few ingredients go into Anita's bread. One of my favorite experiences was baking bread with my mum. We used the "home-baked bread" recipe, and we even impressed ourselves as to how 'professional' our loaves looked!

Also in the extras, you'll see millet and quinoa. Even though they look the same, they are not the same taste at all. I find quinoa to be a little on the grainy side and with quinoa, you MUST rinse it first to get rid of the bitter taste. I use a great sieve from Fantes.com to rinse my quinoa.

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We hope you and your family enjoyed trying out our recipes. The fact that we're using dehydrated ingredients cuts down on meal prep time when you're in a hurry and running late.

Of course you still have to find time to dehydrate the foods in the first place, but that's something you can set aside to do on a day off work, for instance.

Get your kids involved; I'm sure they'd have fun watching the foods dry up and shrink right before their eyes! I'm always fascinated how celery shrivels up into curls — they remind me of tiny seahorses!

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