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Well, because of the amount of testimonials I have received over the years, I've dedicated this page to you, the readers, who've taken the time to post a testimonial on Facebook or have contacted me via our "Contact Us" form.

So a BIG "Thank YOU" from Easy Food Dehydrating to all of YOU!

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Pick up my Free eBook today!

How to Grow &
Dehydrate Herbs

How to Grow and Dehydrate Herbs free eBook

Treat yourself today with my free eBook. Learn how to dry the top six herbs and make herb-infused oils and vinegars!

Click the book cover and that will take you to my secure download page and full deets.

It's my gift to you as a way of saying "thanks for stopping by!"

Easy Food Dehydrating Testimonials from Fans

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"All of you on Facebook, if you're into storing food for long periods of time, this is the way to go!"
—Jim Reece

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"It's nice and good looking and very interesting. Especially the pet food section is great. Thanks!"
—Sebastian Wree

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"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this wonderful site. I bought a dehydrator about 5 months ago and it's been such a blessing. It wasn't easy finding a comprehensive site to learn the ins and outs of preserving food this way. Thank you for the time it took to put this website together. Also thank you for informing people about the need to prepare in a caring way, one that doesn't scare people off :-)" —Kerri

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Easy Food Dehydrating Testimonials

Thanks Cathy! - EFD

"Awesome Site! Thanks for the great info.!"
Cathy, owner Florida-Keys-vacation.com

Thanks Linda! - EFD

"I love this site. You lay out the directions in an easy to follow order. Thanks for such wonderful ideas."
Linda Spangenburg

Thanks Kimberly! - EFD

"Thank you for posting this. I'm learning how to store dehydrated foods - this is so helpful."
Kimberly Russell

Thanks Gillian! - EFD

"Hi Susan, you have a great website. I have just started my journey of dehydrating food, so it is great to read all your interesting tips and advice.

Thanks Juliette! - EFD

"I love love my dehydrator and so happy to find your site, now I am super enthused to read and learn more so I can get to work! LOL. I currently have broccoli in my dehydrator, just finished fruit leathers, and tomorrow will try your potatoes suggestion! Thank you! Blessings :0)"
Juliette Cagnolatti

Thanks Patricia! - EFD

"Oh my goodness what a great site! Very welcoming. :-) I have dehydrated some fruit & veggies before but never dared to do meat... you make it seem very easy. Thanks!"
Patricia from Edible-Landscape-Designs.com

Thanks Petra! - EFD

"In these tough economic times, we need more people like Susan; using her skills and God-given abilities for good to bless all the rest of us. God bless you more and thank you, Susan!"

Thanks Robin! - EFD

"Love your web site! Just bought my dehydrator and I am in the process of experimenting with your recipes. Thank you again."

Thanks Mj! - EFD

"Oh, I am so happy to have found this site, I started last year dehydrating and have become addicted. Your site makes it so easy to follow and understand. Thank YOU so much for taking the question out of doing many different things."
MJ Jeroue

Thanks Marlene! - EFD

"I found your site about a week or so ago. I love it! Been dehydrating again ever since. Saw a review someone posted on your site about the Nesco one. Went to the store and bought one. What a difference! Thank you for your site!"
Marlene Rae Cydejko

Thanks Roxanne! - EFD

"Okay just found this blog and oh my what a wealth of information... love it! Thank you."
Roxanne Russomano

Thanks Nancy!

"I love your site! What a wealth of information you share with us here. Thank you!"
Nancy Wagaman

Thanks Jessica!

"I've just started growing my own veggies and fruits, and am looking for ways to store the excess. Canning seems like a lot of work (not to mention all those jars taking up half my pantry) but I can't wait to start dehydrating!"
Jessica Ray

Thanks Lisa!

"Love it! I have had a food dehydrator (big box w/ 8 trays) for 25 years or more. Have used it a little but now I want to use it a LOT and store food. So this site is ideal and the article I read is superb."
Lisa Toth

Thanks Roberta!

"Wow, I'm really looking forward to receiving the newsletter on the 15th of each month. There are so many talented folks out there to learn from and it's great that they share freely with us all. Thank you 'easy-food-dehydrating.com', you're the greatest. DEHYDRATE ON!"
Roberta Watt

Thanks Elese!

"Wow! I just found this site and I'm so grateful I did! What a wealth of useful information. Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your hard work to provide such a gem of a website! I can't wait to read it all and I'm positive it will be a great blessing to me and my family."

Thanks Susan!

"This is a wonderful website offering very valuable information to your viewers."
Susan in Colorado

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Susan Gast, founder of Easy Food Dehydrating

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