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Learn How to Dehydrate Fruit, Vegetables, and Meat

welcome to
Easy Food Dehydrating
+ Safe Food Storage
Learn How to Dehydrate
Fruit, Vegetables, and Meat

Got food dehydrating questions? I've got your answers. Begin by checking out my top picks of fruit, vegetables, and meat. Then learn the best way to store them safely!

Click on the FRUIT, VEGGIES, and COOKED MEATS images, below. On those pages, you'll find a whole slew of goodies to choose from.

How to Grow & Dehydrate Herbs eBook

Want to make your own plump, tasty raisins? It's easy, just visit 'grapes.'

How about making zucchini chips? Yep, you guessed it... visit the 'zucchini' page!

Get started today and amaze yourself (and your friends!) with your food dehydrating skills. Create bags of dehydrated foods for backpacking and snacking.

Don't forget to pick up a copy of my free "How to Grow & Dehydrate Herbs" by clicking the cover. After you've provided your email address, you'll receive an email that takes you to my safe download page!

This "How to Grow and Dehydrate Herbs" is a gift from me to you as a "thanks" for visiting Easy Food Dehydrating today.

dehydrate fruit
dehydrate vegetables
dehydrate cooked meats
dehydrate fruit
dehydrate vegetables
dehydrate cooked meats

It's not just about fruits and vegetables, see how easy it is to dehydrate cooked meats too! Learn what temperature setting is necessary for meat. All you have to do next is vacuum-seal it to store it for safe long-term food storage.

Don't dehydrate raw meat. It is not safe to do that. Make sure you dehydrate cooked meats.

Is It Just Me? Or is this FUN to Watch!!!

Watch apples to zucchini dehydrate before your very eyes... Amazing!

Dehydrate Frozen Foods Too!

At Easy Food Dehydrating, I'll show you how to dehydrate frozen foods too. When fresh isn't available seasonally, buy it frozen when it's on sale at your grocery store.

Grab bags of frozen peas and cornonions too! 

Frozen foods are great—save one of the six dehydrating steps—by buying frozen. (HINT: You skip 'step four' conditioning). The necessary blanching prior to freezing by the frozen-food manufacturers has already been done for you!

One question is why would you want to dehydrate frozen foods? Aren't they already suitable for long-term storage? Great question... and the answer is in a nutshell: unfortunately, frozen foods thaw when the power goes out.

When you have dried goods stored properly, you don't have to worry about the power going out for long periods of time!

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Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage!

Listen and learn at your leisure.

Food Dehydrating for Long Term Food Storage

Dehydrate food instead of throwing it down the disposal because you "forgot about it" in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator—or because you had too much left over at the end of the season!

Both are perfectly good reasons to dehydrate food. Use it up to make healthy hiking food and picnic treats.

And for preppers with survival food in mind: all you need to know about food storage containers. Store your dehydrated food safely in Mason jars for daily/weekly use, or vacuum-seal dehydrated food in bags for safe long-term storage. Here's a list of things to read:

Amazing Avocado Toast!

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Create Storage Space Out of Thin Air!

Dehydrated Food Storage against a bare wall

Make Storage Space!

see what's BEHIND
the curtain...

or utilize an under-used closet.

We show you how!

So you've dehydrated a bunch of food. Where the heck do you put it? I'll show you how to create enough storage space for years' worth of dehydrated food. Perfect for lidded bins and buckets; canned goods too!

Learn How to Dehydrate Food
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From my classic 3-hour course (featured in the video, above) to my timesaving 1-hour course (shown below on the right with blue background), you will learn the ins and outs of dehydrating food safely at home. Both are available on Udemy:

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