How to Dehydrate Pet Food ~
Plus Make Your Own Dog Food!

How to Dehydrate
Pet Food ~

Plus Make Your Own
Dog Food!

dehydrated dog food (chicken chow) that looks like nuggets

Welcome to how to dehydrate pet food! Making delicious dinners and storing food for the long term isn't just for humans!

Make Your Own Dog Food book cover

Make sure you not only feed your dog delicious and nutritious dog food but make sure to dehydrate blobs of it and make it into doggie biscuits.

Put the dehydrated doggie biscuits into vacuum-sealed pouches. Keep the pouches safe for emergency use.

Pets need food too in emergencies... Rehydrate the biscuits later to make wet food again. Works like magic!

TOP Frequently Asked Questions:

Is dehydrating dog/pet food safe?

When dehydrating homemade Chicken Chow for your dog, make sure the blobs are bite-sized so he won't choke (you know how dogs like to rush their food - um, and some humans too!

Is it cheaper and healthier than store-bought food?

Honestly? It's probably not cheaper to make your own, but you have the peace of mind that nothing nasty is in your dog's Chicken Chow. No preservatives, no ground-up goodness knows what... you get the picture.

Store the wet mix in plastic tubs: I store her food in those reusable plastic tubs (with lids) that are left over from my roast beef and turkey tubs! I freeze them and take one out as needed.

I don't give her the food straight from the refrigerator; I warm it up a little in the microwave. Not too hot! Just enough to take the chill off.

What equipment and ingredients do I need?

You'll need a dehydrator - or use your oven in a pinch which you'll set to its lowest setting possible and you may have to keep the door open a little - people use a wooden spoon to prop the oven door open. But for me? It's too much of a hassle. Get a dehydrator and you're done.

Regarding the ingredients for Chicken Chow, check out How to Make Dog Food. Our special recipe contains chicken and quinoa, along with millet. Tasty veggies such as sweet potato, butternut squash, and celery are included. And I share with you how to make the special mix of Vitamin powder from Alfalfa, Bone Meal, Brewers Yeast, and Kelp and what quantities to add. It's easy.

You can make it all in one big saucepan, but I use a pressure cooker for all the veggies, and drape the raw chicken breasts on the very top.

DO NOT add the millet and quinoa into the mix inside the pressure cooker. Millet and quinoa tend to get "foamy" and can block a pressure cooker's valve. Cook the millet and quinoa in a separate pan, then add the pressure cooked meat and veggies to the millet and quinoa pan.

How long will dehydrated pet food last, and how do I store it?

Regarding keeping it fresh, vacuum seal your Chicken Chow nuggets with an oxygen absorber tucked inside the bag. This is a great way to store your dehydrated dog food for weeks - even months. Store your dehydrated bags of Chicken Chow nuggets inside a Mylar bag for extra protection.

In an emergency situation, it's easy to rehydrate a handful of Chicken Chow nuggets if you want to serve it as a wet meal.

If you're making Chicken Chow nuggets on a weekly basis, then I'd keep them in a Ziploc bag in the refrigerator.

Will my dog's vet OK this?

Please feel free to show your vet my "Make Your Own Dog Food" ingredients. My dog's vet said our Min Pin's coat shines, she has such bright eyes too. Oh, and her poo doesn't stink.

Dehydrated dog food recipe?

Great question, and if you make my Chicken Chow Dog Food from our book, you'll be able to dehydrate blobs of it. See how directly below!

How to dehydrate dog food?

On this page I'm not discussing dehydrating commercial canned dog food (gross, sorry). Rather, you'll be learning how to dehydrate my special "Chicken Chow Dog Food" that look just like chicken nuggets!

How to Make a Delicious Doggie Dinner

But first, you have to learn HOW to make this delicious doggie dinner so you can then learn how to dehydrate pet food!

Here's where to buy the eBook that details it all! But it comes with a WARNING: Your pooch will smother you with kisses.

How to Dehydrate Pet Food:
Roll Up Spoonfuls to Make Dehydrated Biscuits!

Once you've made your delicious tubs of doggie dinners, place spoonfuls (aka "blobs") of the wet food onto your dehydrator. Use the solid sheets if you feel your mixture is a little too wet. Don't make huge nuggets if you've got a tiny dog (I don't want Precious to choke!) Make bigger nuggets for bigger dogs; you get the picture.

If your mix is not overly runny, spoon your blobs of chicken chow directly onto the dehydrator trays. If your mix is a quite wet, use a solid fruit leather sheet - and place the blobs on top of it.

Turn on your food dehydrator and set the temperature between 125°F and 135°F and dry your nuggety-blobs until dry to the touch. They look like chicken nuggets when they're done!  This process takes time. Don't rush it. Be patient.

Storing Dehydrated Nuggets

As mentioned at the top of the page, these 'nuggets' are great to store for the long term. Follow our vacuum-sealing instructions here and remember to add an oxygen absorber before vacuum-sealing the pouch and sealing it.

Why Bother Dehydrating Pet Food?

Miniature Pinscher eating Chicken Chow homemade dog food

Back in 2008, my husband and I were out swimming when we noticed this tiny dog on our patio, wistfully looking towards us.

We adopted this fantastic Miniature Pinscher, and I decided—right then and there—that I would learn how to make my dog food! Why?

Rumors were going around that a major dog food company had a record amount of product recalls; pets were dying from tainted food.

Well, not on my watch! Read FULL STORY HERE.

Make Your Dogs Dinner(s) Monthly!

About once a month, usually on a Saturday morning, I make this nutritious homemade dog chow. It takes me about two hours from start to finish.

Turns out, she loves chicken, beef, and pork—and I use a pressure cooker to prepare this for her.

And here's why we dehydrate her Chicken Chow so she'll have emergency food on hand.

"If we measured our affection toward others
by how many nicknames we bestow upon them,
our pets would be the most loved."

— Carrie Brownstein

"If we measured our affection
toward others by how many
nicknames we bestow upon
them, our pets would
be the most loved."

— Carrie Brownstein

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Reminder: Be prepared for lots of wagging tails and plenty of face lickings.

Read more about the eBook here. Check out "Make Nutritious Dog Food" where you can see what dog owners have said.

Such as? Their dog's poo doesn't stink since switching over to this chicken chow recipe. They also state that it costs less than the fancy delivery service meals.



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Thank you for taking the time to read how to dehydrate pet food. You know what?

Your doggie will absolutely love this Chicken Chow. It tastes so good. Don't forget, it's totally safe for pets because it's totally fine for us humans to eat too.