Dehydrating Food Articles

This dehydrating food articles page contains a shortened list of articles written by myself, and others, over the years.

Slicing fresh celery on a plastic cutting board

Stop Wasting GOOD Food!

So here I am, slicing up celery stalks and making sure they each take their place on the dehydrator tray.

I mean, each tiny piece of celery means something. It's not just a scrap that you scrape off the plate—not anymore.

I keep the leaves too; they chop up beautifully in our homemade vegetable soups, and the tiny stalk slices are excellent for use in chicken salad or tuna salad. Nothing goes to waste.

Scraps can Add Up to a Full Meal!

These tiny pieces add up to a future meal—one we can guarantee will be there for us no matter what the situation is in America—or around the world. So let's get to it: get busy dehydrating fresh food!

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Treat Your FOOD with Respect!

"After you've been dehydrating food for a while, you reach a point where you treat your foods with such care, and with a reverence that wasn't there before." ~ Susan Gast

This Knife Makes Chopping and Slicing Easy!

Begin by Using a Good Sharp Knife by Cutluxe!

Check out this great chef's knife with a full tang that means the handle and blade "are one" so they can't come apart when we're slicin' and a dicin'.

I know these Cutluxe Chef knives may be a little expensive, but they do last pretty much a lifetime when you maintain their cutting edges.

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Try this Awesome Slicer Too!

SUPMAKIN Slicer + Dicer Mandoline ~ OnceForAll Brand

French fry cutter, vegetable chopper, vegetable slicer cutter, potato slicer, chopper for kitchen meal prep.

A multi-function mandoline that I just couldn't resist getting!

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases with no price increase to you. Read disclosure here.