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Each celery slice COUNTS!

So here I am, slicing up celery stalks and making sure they each take their place on the dehydrator tray. I mean, each tiny piece of celery means something. It's not just a scrap that you scrape off the plate – not anymore. I keep the leaves too; they chop up beautifully in our homemade vegetable soups, and the tiny stalk slices are excellent for use in chicken or tuna salads. Nothing goes to waste.

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These tiny pieces add up to a future meal – one we can guarantee will be there for us no matter what the situation is in America – or around the world. So let's get dehydrating fresh food!

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"After you've been
food for a while,
you reach a point where
you treat your foods
with such care,
and with a
reverence that
wasn't there before."

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