Why Working From Home Will Stick
It's Now A Reality and The New Norm

Why Working
From Home Will Stick
It's Now A Reality
and The New Norm

Here's why working from home will stick...

The MANY benefits! And a welcome respite from the rat race!

A female working in her home office

Spend Quality Time with the Kids

  • No driving time to and from the office.
  • Car gas savings.
  • Cheaper car insurance.
  • Less dry-cleaning bills for those expensive suits.
  • No more annoying co-workers to deal with! ;-)

         Plus, you get to spend quality time with your kids.

No Longer A Dream ~ This is Why Working from Home Will Stick!

cartoon female with an old-fashioned computer monitorMe back in 2010!

Working from home is no longer a dream thanks to SBI! And this idea of being your own boss is nothing new. It's just become easier to do.

Instead of working 8 hours a day for someone else, I now work 10 - 12 hours a day... BECAUSE I WANT TO! LOL.

I’m enjoying great success with Easy Food Dehydrating, which began way back in 2010. SBI! (Solo Build It!) has been with me every step of the way. Their forum is fantastic. SBI!'s support is second to none.

SBI! made it easy to get going—the right way! What do I mean by that?

Wise Head On Young Shoulders - if only

There are many ways to start a website, but sadly, not all of them are profitable. (Ask me how I know). Easy Food Dehydrating started out really well but then I got side-tracked (as you do) when the next bright shiny object comes down the pike.

Oftentimes, people give up too soon. They don't see immediate results in whatever they're doing: not just a website. You might have written a book or made a video... and... crickets. Nothing is happening.

But if you "keep at it," then slowly but surely, the traffic will find you and want to know all about you (your website, your book, etc.)

Instead, you get side-tracked and you then spend (read: waste) precious days, weeks, months (and years?!) chasing other shiny objects when—all along—you had the real deal at your fingertips.

Stick With It AKA ~ F-O-C-U-S

During my stray from SBI! I must’ve gotten myself on at least four dozen mailing lists and was bombarded daily with “sure-fire ways” to build a website. Sadly, none of them had the necessary “built-in business savvy” for a PROFITABLE website that SBI! teaches you.

Without SBI! you’ll be floundering around with a WordPress site - highly likely hosted on one of the two big-name hosts (that rhyme with Host-Baiter and Go-Paddy).

Disclaimer: I do own five other WordPress sites hosted with Host-Gator but—and there’s always a big but!—they aren’t anywhere near as profitable as my Easy Food Dehydrating site that’s hosted with SBI!

And why is that?

You need more than just a domain name. Much More.

Bright Business Ideas?

If the COVID-19 ‘stay at home’ mandate left you with time on your hands, and maybe a few business ideas sprang to mind, maybe NOW is the time to put those business ideas of yours into action!

Yes, now is the time to do a brain dump and put it into a website. Whoa! Hold on! "I can't do that!" you're thinking. Why not? What's your passion? What's your reason for living? Brain dump that. Find keywords. Use them properly. Look, it's taken me TEN YEARS for that to sink in (better late than never).

DO NOT fall into the trap of writing about stuff YOU want to write about with no heed to keywords. Why? Nobody is gonna read it. Why not? Because you won't be found. And why is that? Because you haven't included keywords that will GET you found. Ask me how I know. I woke up.

Take Advantage of SBI!'s Brainstorm It! Tool

SBI! teaches you how to pick a profitable niche from the ideas you have swirling around in your head and gather the all-important keywords:

Brainstorm It!  is included in the low monthly fee. I pay around $30 a month on my yearly plan for ALL of SBI!

Can’t beat that low overhead for a business “in a box”—honest! 

Disclaimer (again): over at WP for my other sites, my monthly costs are way over $80/mo. for email landing pages, email sequence delivery, product delivery, hosting, themes, plugins, etc.

You see, WordPress sites don’t have all the tools you need built-in. You have to use plugins, and yes, some plugins are free but don’t do a great job—so you end up paying for fancy themes and fancy plugins that cost money.

And then you find out you need a degree to understand it all and actually make it all run. Plus, I have security concerns with WP sites. It's hard to keep up with. Watch out for quasi-SSL plugins. Be warned.

I have ZERO security or plugin concerns with SBI!

What Do the letters SBI! Stand For?

SBI! Stands for Solo Build It! To learn more about this incredible company, read more here and start building your profitable online business tomorrow.

This is why working from home will stick. It'll be around forever.

Now is a great time to "get on with it."
Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

Now is a great time 
"get on with it."
Don't let this
pass you by.

UPDATE! SBI! has included "Tai" in their main site building area. What's Tai, you ask? Check it out here where I go over Tai on my other SBI! website.

Tai stands for "Transformative AI."

Get SBI! right here.

Tai Also Creates Images!

Simply enter your prompt, and Tai creates an improved prompt for you, then brings back stunning imagery. I've been able to create designs for my Zazzle store using Tai for Images!

Please note: I'm a proud SBI! affiliate. This means if you should join SBI! after clicking on any of the image or video links on this page or scattered throughout the site, I may earn a commission and I thank you VERY MUCH for that. The price you pay doesn't increase.

Thanks for reading why working from home will stick - whether you like it or not!