Fight Inflation and be Survival Savvy
Dehydrate Food the Easy Way!

Fight inflation and be survival savvy. The word 'survival' conjures up many unpleasant images—like surviving a car crash to surviving Covid.

man in storm with umbrella

It's a conscious thought, but we rarely go beyond anything more than just the thought.

Yes, some of us get a kick out of watching the Survivor TV show, but that's an altogether different ball-game.

The word 'disaster' gets demoted to the disastrous feeling of 'our home team lost the game'—that's a disaster?

Real Disasters...

It's 'disaster survival' in other parts of the world, from famines or mudslides and earth-shattering earthquakes here and abroad, to refugees seeking safe havens.

hazmat crew removing a body

How about contagious diseases, or volcano eruptions in Hawaii? Or tornadoes in Oklahoma?

Coronavirus in China AND all around the world? And monkey poxes? Now those are disasters!

And we feel helpless—incapable of doing anything.

So let's pay attention to what we can do—in our own backyards.

And Speaking of Backyards...
First Experience of being Survival Savvy

My first experience of Survival Savvy after hurricanes Frances and Jeanne in 2004 was easy, I'm sure, compared to poor souls who lost everything they own—including their lives—in mudslides, volcano eruptions, earthquakes and wars. Read my brief story and see photos of how we got through the hurricanes.

When violence happens in your own backyard, you need to be survival savvy too. I can only imagine what the poor person felt like after discovering the Boston Marathon Bomber terrorist survivor hidden in his boat in his backyard. Drop the tarp like a hot potato and call for the police! He did the right thing.

Fight Inflation and be Survival Savvy
with Rising Food Prices

Food prices ARE still rising (no doubt they always will!), and we need to offset that expense by dehydrating foods while they're plentiful, i.e. "in season."

Fight Inflation and be Survival Savvy:
Bread Baking

Take ACTION to save money by baking your own bread. YES, you CAN do it too. I'm proof of it!

(OMG, groaning at the joke there that I only just realized I made!)

I'm no baker, but this bread is 'to die for'—click the red bread link above—to see yummy photos and the link to get the MOAB (mother of all breads!) recipe. ;-)

Stop Throwing Money Down the Toilet

Is It Possible To Save Money and stop throwing it down the toilet? You bet! Save money by cutting out things that aren't absolute necessities, such as

  • Smoking, booze, soda pop... but I'm not here to preach
  • Stop eating out at fancy restaurants so much!
  • Walk to the stores if they're not too far away to save gasoline!
  • Turn the A/C up 1 or 2 degrees in summer and crank up the ceiling fan—you'll get used to it and save money!
  • Save money by using electric blankets on your beds in the wintertime instead of wasting money heating the ENTIRE house during the night!
  • Update your water-heater—new ones retain 85% of their heat!
  • Save a TON of cash by drying your clothes on a rack—not in the electric/gas clothes dryer!

A Balanced Budget?

We still haven't had a balanced budget from any presidential administrations since the 90s—and yet they expect all taxpayers to stick to a budget! Sadly, most people DON'T have a budget, they spend more than they earn, and charge everything on their credit cards—and wham! It hits 'em like a ton of bricks... hence all the bankruptcies across America.

People are not saving as much as they used to because prices are skyrocketing, so they've nuttin' left over TO SAVE. It's called INFLATION. The more the government prints/spends, the less our paper dollar is worth.

Funny thing is, you may not notice it on a day-to-day basis. When you look back to only a year ago, you'll see a price percentage rise in the double-digits—of many goods! You may also find companies are packaging product differently—i.e. same container—but it has an ounce LESS of product IN IT, but at the same price.

All this in the name of stopping us from panicking and putting "two and two together." Yeah, right.

If you need help to create a balanced budget, Dave Ramsey heads the list.

Learn how to cook with dehydrated food. Contains over 20 Taste-Tested Recipes:

HEADS UP: I'm tryin' NOT to be doom and gloom, so thanks for taking time to read my Fight Inflation and be Survival Savvy page. Any questions? Write to me here.

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