Food Shortages Coming This Year?

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Are there food shortages coming this year?

According to the news and what's going on around the world - then yes, It's highly likely.

Don't let your food pantry run dry due to food shortages caused by Pandemics and the war in Ukraine. And now Israel.

We need to be aware of what's going on around us—beyond our front door and at our workplace—and around the world, too!

Bread, Canned Food, and Corn
Food Shortages Coming This Year

We may be confronted with a dire situation, as staples such as bread, canned food, and corn become increasingly hard to come by.

In the United States, bread factories are already being forced to reduce production by 30 percent because of rising prices in agricultural commodities like wheat.

Unfortunately, this trend appears to be continuing, and bread may become scarcer across the country.

Remember This Old Saying?

Socialism: people wait for bread
Capitalism: bread waits for people

paraphrased from LibertyCliff on Twitter

Canned Foods Under Pressure, Literally

In addition, canned foods have also come under increasing pressure from shortages. Prices for these items have risen exponentially over the last year, and manufacturers are struggling to keep up with demand.

As a result, many shoppers now need to stock up on canned goods or face empty shelves when they visit their local grocery store.

Better Save and Plant Your Corn Cobs...

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Finally, corn is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. While corn is a staple food in many countries, the rising demand for corn used in industrial products has caused supplies to become strained.

As a result, it may become impossible to find affordable corn-based foods and other products in the near future.

There is a very real chance that food shortages will become more common in the United States and around the world as manufacturers struggle to keep up with demand.

Consumers must remain informed and proactive in order to ensure they are prepared for any possible food scarcities. By taking the necessary precautions, we can avoid potential disruptions to our daily lives due to meal shortages.

Be Prepared: But How?

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QUESTION: What can you do at home to help protect your family from a possible food shortage?

ANSWER: Make sure you have enough food on hand by dehydrating food when it's in season or goes on sale as a BOGO (buy one get one).

Stock Up on BOGOs and Bruised Goods

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Next time you're at the grocery store, stock up on buy-one get-ones (BOGOs).

Actually, stop the car and visit the roadside stands. On the weekends? Visit the farmers' markets.

Don't pass up on bruised or misshapen fruits and vegetables. They all taste the same, whatever size or shape they are!

I'm really pleased that there are many organizations that deliver slightly imperfect foods directly to our doors. Such as?

Feeling (Food) Secure

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There's nothing quite like the feeling of security when you know your family will be fed in times of natural disasters. Yes, it's time to be prepared for possible food shortages coming our way.

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It's easy to be prepared for food shortages coming this year (or any year!) if you know how. We make checklists before going on vacation, heck, and grocery store lists, so why shouldn't we have an emergency food list?

  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • meats
  • dry goods (salt, sugar, flour)
  • canned goods

America is TOUGH—and we CAN and WILL get through anything, but help yourself first so you're able to HELP others in a time of need.

WE CAN DO IT, America!

We need to be prepared for possible food shortages coming this year.

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Thanks for taking the time to read about possible food shortages coming this year. Don't be caught without bread (and butter).

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