Food Vacuum Sealer Instructions
For FoodSaver® V2240

Where to Place your Bag for Proper Vacuum Sealing

Welcome to Food Vacuum Sealer Instructions.

This is Part 2

(See part 1 here.)

On this page, Part 2, we show you how to PROPERLY PLACE your vacuum-sealer bags on the FoodSaver!

FoodSaver vacuum bag placement

Food Vacuum Sealer Instructions

The photo at the top of the page shows you WHERE TO PLACE the CUT EDGE of your vacuum sealer bag.

The edge of the bag goes right in the center of the black oval vacuum channel.

Hold the bag in place with your fingertips/hands away from the area, then close the lid. (Takes a bit of practice!)

Press the lever down that's on the right side of the machine. This holds the bag in place (see photo below ad).

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Smooth Out the Bag's Contents

FoodSaver push lever down

While the bag is clamped, I smooth out the contents of the bag, making it pretty flat.

This makes it much easier to store in the Mylar bags later on.

Now, simply press the dark "vacuum and seal" button. You'll now experience the air being drawn out of the bag, and this lasts about 6-10 seconds!

Machine Will Auto-Switch to Seal Mode

FoodSaver seal button lit

When the vacuuming is finished, you'll see the machine switch over to the "seal" mode—and the seal button will light up in red as shown in the photo.

Let the machine seal the bag and be patient! This takes about 6 seconds.

When you see the light go off, you can now raise the handle, which locks the lid in place, and lift the lid and retrieve the vacuumed and sealed bag!

Simply place the edge of your Mylar bag beyond the first dark strip (as shown in the first photo on this page)—about an inch is good.

NEXT UP - Important: For Mylar Bags Only!

Sometimes we do not want to use the vacuum feature –
such as when we are simply sealing our Mylar bags.

NEXT UP - Important:
For Mylar Bags Only!

Sometimes we do not
want to use the vacuum feature –
such as when we are simply
sealing our Mylar bags.

Sealing Mylar Bags

Foodsaver V2240 interior

Look at the 'open wide' photo above and you'll see the dark rectangular strip on the bottom, just in front of the oval vacuum-sealer channel. This strip works in conjunction with the upper bar.

The lower strip will be flush against the Mylar bag's bottom when the lid is closed. Just press the SEAL button this time, and your Mylar bag will be sealed with no vacuuming taking place!

As the top bar heats up when the lid is down, the heated bar works to seal the Mylar bag.

Allow the Heating Strip to Cool Down

When you're vacuuming and sealing a few
plastic vacuum-sealer bags or Mylar bags -
please wait 20 seconds between each sealing
to allow the strip to cool down before re-use!

When you're vacuuming
and sealing a few plastic
vacuum-sealer bags
or Mylar bags,
please20 seconds
between each sealing

Write On Bag's Contents and Add The Date Too!

Green beans before and after vacuuming

I use a black felt-tipped pen and spend this 'waiting time' writing the bag's contents and the date on the very top of the bag (above the seal) that I've just vacuumed.

Yes, I know you can see through the bag, but sometimes green beans can be mistaken for peas! :-)

* * *

Thanks for reading our food vacuum sealer instructions; remember, this is part 2.

Click the link to read Part 1 of our food vacuum sealer instructions.

If You Want to be Really Sure It's Sealed,
do this:

I'd like to add this that our visitor, Paul,
sent in recently. I echo his words.
"When I've vacuum-sealed a bag,
I seal it again by moving the bag slightly –
and seal again above the first seal –
in effect sealing it twice as a safety measure.
Sometimes bags puncture during storage,
or the seal may fail.
Remember to rotate your stock and
check for any 'soft' bags."
– Thanks for writing in Paul!



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