welcome to Easy Food Dehydrating+ Safe Food Storage
Learn How to Dehydrate Fruit, Vegetables, and Meat

welcome to
Easy Food Dehydrating
+ Safe Food Storage
Learn How to Dehydrate
Fruit, Vegetables, and Meat

Thanks for stopping by Easy Food Dehydrating. Learn how easy it is to dehydrate fruit, vegetables, and meat. And when you're done, check out how to safely store it! Keep on scrollin' for our fruit'n'veggie image links.

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Wasting Money!

Stop Throwing Out Spoiled Food ...

Rotting Vegetables? Stinky spuds?

Easy Food Dehydrating is here to show you how you can stop wasting money and enjoy your favorite fruits and veggies all year long.


Simply by dehydrating fresh fruits and veggies when they are plentiful (in season) and by taking advantage of those fabulous road-side produce stands - and the supermarket!

Six Simple Steps free eBook from Easy Food Dehydrating

How to Dehydrate

How to Dehydrate Beef, Chicken, and Turkey

dehydrated pre-cooked chicken on Nesco dehydrator

Dehydrate MEATS too

See how easy it is to dehydrate beef, chicken, and turkey!

We use pre-cooked meats. It's safer, saves time, and takes care of leftovers.

Don't Forget Frozen Foods

At Easy Food Dehydrating, we'll show you how to dehydrate frozen foods too. When fresh isn't available seasonally, buy it frozen when it's on sale at your grocery store.

Grab bags of frozen peas and cornonions too! 

Frozen foods are great ~ you actually save one of the six dehydrating steps in many cases — by buying frozen.

Food Dehydrating for Long Term Food Storage

Dehydrate food instead of throwing it down the disposal because you "forgot about it" in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator — or because you had too much left over at the end of the season!

Both are perfectly good reasons to dehydrate food. Use it up to make healthy hiking food and picnic treats.

And for preppers with survival food in mind : all you need to know about food storage containers. Store your dehydrated food safely in Mason jars for daily/weekly use, or vacuum-seal dehydrated food in bags for safe long-term storage. Here's a list to look at:

Make Storage Space Where None Existed!

Go find an under-used closet — or make room along a bare wall!

Recipes for Your Family ~ and your pet!

We have  tasty recipes  made with dehydrated food.

Don't forget the family pet: Make Your Own Dog Food!

Make your OWN dog food with Easy Food Dehydrating

Yes, you CAN make your own dog food — our Miniature Pinscher is thriving — she's ten years old and doesn't look a day over five!

Make Chicken Chow Dog Food and make your dog a happier, healthier dog.

Our recipe is chock-full of goodness: sweet potatoes (and/or butternut squash), celery, carrots, chicken stock (that doesn't contain onion. Why? Onion is poisonous to dogs). Also added are quinoa and millet, plus real chicken breasts.

You now have a sure-fire way of pleasing your pooch. He'll lavish you with licks when you serve this healthy dinner to your best friend!

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