Smoked Garlic Sea Salt

Guest Post by Julie

Julie's elephant garlic on Nesco dehydratorJulie's elephant garlic on Nesco dehydrator

Smoked garlic sea salt ... hmm — just imagine its many uses for seasoning bland veggies.

Julie from Astoria, Oregon, dehydrates elephant garlic — and it is amazing!

In the image above, you can see Julie's slices of mammoth garlic dehydrating on a Nesco dehydrator. Read more about Nesco dehydrators here.

She then smokes it in a smoker, and enjoys the results of her labor, but wondered if we had any suggestions or improvements to what she was already doing?

Our short answer: No.

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How-To Photos for Smoked Garlic Sea Salt

First, Dehydrate the
Elephant Garlic
We Use Our
Nesco® Dehydrator

Wright's Hickory SeasoningWright's Hickory Seasoning

Julie says: "We start by dehydrating the elephant garlic in a Nesco® dehydrator at 125°F for almost 24 hours, rotating the pans every 8 hours."

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Use A Propane Smoker

"After that we have a propane smoker we use to smoke the garlic.

We use a 'Misto' sprayer (see photo showing big red bottle of 'Wright's All Natural Hickory Seasoning') to spray liquid smoke and then put the garlic on a small screen.

Dry smoke for one hour.

The garlic comes out toasted brown."

Crush Dried Garlic In A Magic Bullet

"After crushing it in a magic bullet, we mix it with a fine sea salt and use it for seasoning on a double-steamer chicken after it's cooked."

Julie's magic smoked garlic, ready to be mixed with fine sea saltJulie's magic smoked garlic, ready to be mixed with fine sea salt

"We also smoke our own sea salt by mixing pink Himalayan and white coarse sea salt with crushed garlic. Smoke the mixture for seven hours – spraying occasionally with liquid smoke. It is amazing."

Vacuum Sealed and Packed Smoked Garlic Salt

Julie says "it is so good, I wish you could sample it!"

Julie's Smoked Garlic SaltJulie's Smoked Garlic Salt
Julie's Vacuum-Packed Garlic SaltJulie's Vacuum-Packed Garlic Salt
Jars of Julie's Smoked Garlic SaltJars of Julie's Smoked Garlic Salt

The Ideal Way to Use It:

Julie's powdered smoked garlic saltJulie's powdered smoked garlic salt

The best way to store your smoked garlic sea salt is by vacuum-packing it.
Julie continues:

"We just vacuum-packed about 60 jars of homemade smoked garlic sea salt.

We are going to be smoking the elephant garlic tomorrow!

We steam chicken thighs with our sea salt and spade L ranch seasoning – and use the garlic powder for taste after."

Thanks so much for sharing, Julie!

If you came to this page before reading about how to dehydrate garlic, read all about that here.

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