Six Simple Steps for Dehydrating Food Safely

If you follow our six simple steps to make sure you dehydrate your garden's goodies and great buy-one-get-one deals from your local grocery store, you'll soon be creating tasty dishes made from your very own stock of dehydrated fruits and vegetables!

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Stop Tossin' Out Fresh Food!

Stop throwing away fresh foods that you forgot were in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator, or worse that have rotted away!

See how easy it is to dehydrate food so you'll never have to face those STINKY SPUDS again.

There's nothing WORSE
than the smell

of rotten potatoes
AKA Stinkin' Spuds!

Here are the Six Simple Steps to
Dehydrate Food Safely!

Step 1 - Buy It!

Simple Step 1
The basis of the first simple step is
to buy foods that are on sale
or in season!

Step 2 - Prep It!

Simple Step 2
Find out which foods
don't need any prep!

Step 3 - Dehydrate It!

Simple Step 3
Dehydrate your foods by
using an electric dehydrator.

Step 4 - Condition It!

Simple Step 4
Condition your foods -
Place cooled foods into
air-tight bags.

Step 5 - Vacuum and Seal It!

Simple Step 5
This step is the most fun step...
A bit on the noisy side -
kids love helping out!

Step 6 - Store It!

Simple Step 6
Step six is the final step in our
food dehydrating journey.
Learn how to store it in a safe place.

Six Simple Steps to Ensure Safe Food Storage

So there you have it.

1) Buy it (very easy!)
2) Prepare it
3) Dehydrate it
4) Condition it
5) Vacuum and seal it
6) Store it safely.

The six easy steps that ensure you not only prepare your foods correctly, but also package your dehydrated food safely for short- or long-term storage in plastic lidded bins, or airtight buckets with lids. Our food storage page covers the correct use of the oxygen absorbers, and what size to use. (More on oxygen absorbers here.)

Be aware that you can dehydrate frozen food, canned food - it doesn't always have to be fresh food! When you use frozen foods, it does save one of the prep steps. Each fruit and veggie listed goes over the steps in detail regarding fresh and frozen foods.

Thanks for stopping by and we wish you many years of happy Easy Food Dehydrating!

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