How to Make Dog Treats

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Here's how to make dog treats that your furry friends will love. Spoil them with healthy, homemade treats they'll absolutely drool over! Fresh, flavorful dog treats are just a dehydrator cycle away!

We use a unique "Chicken Chow" recipe packed with goodness: imagine tender cooked chicken, vibrant butternut squash and carrots, the protein-rich power of quinoa and millet, and a secret blend of essential vitamins - all dehydrated into bite-sized bursts of deliciousness. No artificial flavors, preservatives, or fillers here!

Form the mixture into bite sized nugget shapes then simply load into your dehydrator. In just a few hours, you’ll pull out tempting chicken-esque blobs boasting an irresistible crunch and savory flavor.

Keep a sealed bag of these rewards handy anytime your dog craves their equivalent of people chicken nuggets!

Keep on reading and discover the joy of creating healthy, personalized treats your dog will adore from my website buddies for your tail-wagging best friend!

A Message from Robert

Robert our Dog Treat mascotRobert our Dog Treat mascot

Hi, I'm Robert (but you can call me "Bob"!) and on behalf of "How to Make Dog Treats," I want to tell you that my aunt Susan, who types all this good stuff on Easy Food Dehydrating, said she has a doggie too at their home.

She told me she was a stray who wandered onto her garden one day. My Aunt Susan is really nice, and she and her hubby adopted the little doggie.

She said she didn't want to feed her stray doggie 'any old dog food,' so she made a special nutritious recipe...

She then taught my mom how to make Chicken Chow and I certainly can't complain at all about the fantastic food I get...but she needs more help here.

You see, there are lots of dogs out there that need your help and are not as lucky as I am.

If you've got any fancy recipes for biscuits or bones, write to me at the bottom of the page!

And just keep on readin' to see who's helped me out so far ~ Woof Woof!

How to Make Dog Treats:
Make Your Own Chicken Chow Doggie Dinners

Our Min Pin's
Favorite Dog Food
— Made with Love!

Learn how to Make Your Own Dog Food

Get the eBook here

Or read more here about our
Chicken Chow Dog Food
or buy the PAPERBACK

When we first adopted our Miniature Pinscher, it was around the time that major dog food manufacturers of canned foods were having a rough time. Meaning? Some of their food was tainted and had to be recalled.

I thought our little adopted doggie had been through enough, already. Someone had just dumped her at the end of our road. She wandered onto our property and we saved her! Her full story is in the book, above.

That very first week after adopting, I promised her I'd make dog food that was delicious, nutritious, and affordable. Dogs and humans alike can eat the Chicken Chow and Bow Wow Beefy Chow. Why? Because it contains real meat, and ingredients we can all pronounce.

Dehydrate Blobs of Chicken Chow to Make Biscuits AKA Nuggets!

Dehydrate blobs of Chicken Chow to make nuggets AKA biscuits

To give your dog a change from eating wet dog food, try dehydrating some of the chicken chow mix and make little biscuits out of them. I swear they look just like McD's chicken nuggets...

Take a look at these doggie-offers on this page - from folks who love their dogs just as much as I love mine!

Check out our Favorite Doggie Websites!

Dog Spoiling Made Easy website

Dog Spoiling Made Easy

I LOVE this site: Dog Spoiling Made Easy.

One page in particular: brushing your dog's teeth.

Way back, we realized our doggie was in distress. Her teeth were all just about falling out. Our bad, totally. Peanut butter was the culprit.

So, after a hefty $1k bill to fix her up, we heeded Val's advice to brush your dogs' teeth!

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It's my gift to you as a way of saying "thanks for stopping by!"

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How to Grow &
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How to Grow and Dehydrate Herbs free eBook

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It's my gift to you as a way of saying "thanks for stopping by!"

Wiggleworthy to the rescue!

If you're looking to feed your best friend healthy treats, then please visit me! These dog treat recipes are totally wiggle-worthy. All the best ones are!

Dog owners know the wiggle, right? If your pup is anything like mine, it's not just his tail that wags when he's happy... his whole rear end wiggles like crazy!

The same thing will happen to your pooch when you make delicious homemade dog treats just for them. And that will make you (almost) as happy as he is. It's a win-win situation.

Love my Puppy Dog website

Love My Puppy Dog!

I also love this site by Kathy and she also likes to create homemade doggie treats: Kathy's "Love My Puppy Dog" Treats—she has a really neat site. Please check it out!

Remember, if you have a dog treat or food recipe YOU want to share, it may become your very own page on this website!

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"If we measured our affection toward others
by how many nicknames we bestow upon them,
our pets would be the most loved."

— Carrie Brownstein

"If we measured our affection
toward others by how many
nicknames we bestow upon
them, our pets would
be the most loved."

— Carrie Brownstein

Visit Jackie's Site Fetch! Dog Treats

Fetch Me A Treat!

Treat yourself, er, your dog, to these FANTASTIC peanut butter treats! My min pin LOVES 'em... she dances up and down when I get the container out! Click the photo and order yours from my friend Jackie Lovern in NY.

UPDATE! Check out Jackie's ORGANIC PUMPKIN TREATS for dogs! YAY!

Have Your Doggie Food or Treat Recipe Featured!

Important: The recipe must contain at least ONE item that is, or could be, made from dehydrated vegetables, meat, or fruit!

Want to see your favorite doggie treat recipe along with your dog's photo—right here on this page—which you can share with your friends too? How? Easy!

Fill out the invitation below, and we'll do the rest! Attach a photo of your dog and the recipe and tell us your dog's name and all about your doggie dish creation!

What's Your Dog's Favorite Homemade Food?

Is your dog drooling to have its photo featured showing us how much he/she enjoys your homemade doggie meals? Do you have a great recipe? Share it!

Your recipe will be posted "auto-magically" and you'll have your very own recipe and webpage featuring your dog's favorite food!

What Other Dog Owners Have Sent In

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Daisy Food 
5 lb boneless/skinless chicken breast or thighs 8 cups quick oatmeal 1 large can french cut green beans 5-6 large sweet potatoes 1/2 large can pure …

Doggie Biscuits 
February 2011 Recipe of the Month WINNER! Congratulations Sharon! Ingredients: 1/2 cup millet 1/2 cup quinoa 3 cups chicken stock …

Click here to write your own.

Thanks for visiting how to make dog treats. Our dogs deserve to receive back as much love as they give us. They truly do love unconditionally!



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