Bread and Pizza ... by Anita!

Anita's delicious pizza

I decided to try my hand at Anita's bread and pizza because Anita and James shared their bread recipe with me, and I decided to 'have a go' and make a pizza first and then bake a couple of bread loaves! Nevertheless, it was SUPER tasty and quick and easy to make!

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Read on to See How My Bread and Pizza Turned out ... :-)

UPDATE: Anita asked me how the pizza making went, and I told her to have a look at the page you're reading now ... and she kindly pointed out that I had not followed her directions – see below!

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Here's How to Fix the Spatula Deal!

Anita uses non-stick parchment paper!!! I DO WISH I'd read that earlier. She cuts paper to fit the baking stone, puts the dough on it and lets it rest for 20 minutes THEN Anita bakes the EMPTY crust for about 2 to 3 minutes ... then removes the parchment paper from underneath the crust.

Remember to add the water here in the oven – and I need to add here: be careful what container you use as I shattered my Pyrex glass dish due to NOT having water in it and letting it heat up empty (sigh) so now I've got a tin-foil pie crust pan in there for the water!

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Time To Add The Toppings!

NOW it's time to add the toppings after the crust has been baked. I can't wait to report back to let you know how the spatula remedy worked this time! My hubby just walked by and said "that was your baseline pizza Susan!" :-)

Also, Anita says to add the sauce first, then the cheeses, then the toppings! I'll get it right next time! Look here! I did it right this time ... Anita's Pizza Take-Two!

Here's the dough, see pictures below, just after mixing and then two hours later.

Bread and Pizza Dough –
Two Hours Later

bread in the mixing bowl before and 2 hrs later

Anita kindly shared her bread recipe! Check out Anita's hubby James' newfound passion: he modifies campers!

Dough on Spatula

The photo above shows the rolled out dough for the pizza crust, then the spatula dusted with ground-up oatmeal, and then the crust with the edges rolled in to keep the sauce from rolling out!

pizza ready for cheese and then baked

Almost ready for the oven! Just need to add three cheeses: about 4 oz. of grated medium Cheddar, maybe 2 oz. of grated Parmesan, and about 3 oz. of Mozzarella. This is what I had on hand in the 'fridge.

Before the cheese is added though, lots of homemade sauce, with some re-hydrated peppers, and mushrooms were placed on the pastry. Of course you can use fresh peppers and mushrooms too! :-) Into the oven it went ... with a bit of a battle, but eventually I won but it wasn't a pretty sight. And the photo on the right (above) is what it looked like 20 minutes later!

My husband had all that for his lunch – he deserved it though, he'd been out mowing the grass for hours on end. I ate the scrunched/messed up part from forcing it OFF the darned spatula ... I'm not brave enough to show that mess here! :-)

Anita's Bread is Easy to Make!

Anita bread after two hour wait

Here's Anita's bread, and I wrote and asked her if I should have kneaded the bread at all? Answer: "No" – so how easy is that? She said to just "mix it well, and then let it sit for two hours." 

Even I can do that! Here is the bread after its two hour wait, then lightly floured on top so I could score it. It's now ready for the oven! I decided to bake the stone for a short while so it could get really warmed up.

Please note: I only used HALF the ingredients from Anita's recipe as it was my first time. So half the ingredients made this one loaf AND the pizza! Yummy.

Anitas Bread after 25 minutes in the oven

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