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New Posts on Easy Food Dehydrating:

Check your Dehydrated Food for Squishy Bags

Renree asks: Have you sealed dehydrated food in them for long term? If so, have you checked on them after a period of time?

Our response: Hi Renree, as you may know, the Mylar bags contain our vacuum-sealed pouches - so yes, I check on the Mylar bags by squeezing them - about once a month - basically as you rotate your stock. Most dehydrated food (after vacuum-sealing) produce a pouch that feels hard (use your finger to tap on it.) Any "squishy" bags (inside the Mylar bag) means that the vacuum-sealer bag's seal failed so pay attention to the quality of vacuum-sealer bags you use! Mylar bags are used mainly to keep food dry, and to keep light off our dehydrated foods and are pretty much insect-proof.

Visit https://www.easy-food-dehydrating.com/storing-dehydrated-food.html ~ Thanks for asking!

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Is my dehydrator ON? And how do I dehydrate eggs?

Quite a few questions from Caroline yesterday, namely: how can I tell my dehydrator is actually on, and how do I dehydrate eggs.

Here is my response: I know some folk have success with dehydrating scrambled eggs (just plain eggs, nothing added). My preference is to actually BUY already-dehydrated (powdered) eggs. This is where I get mine from:


Regarding the functioning of your dehydrator: you SHOULD hear a fan running. Depending on your model, you'll feel warm air coming out of the top (for a Nesco brand), or out of the rear (for an Excalibur brand).

Most dehydrators are NOT like a regular oven where we bake stuff hence you won't see an actual read out of the temperature. Just make sure the dial is at the temperature setting your dehydrator owner manual states is the right temp for whatever food you are dehydrating.

Parchment paper should hold up great for dehydrating the scrambled eggs though check out your dehydrator brand's accessories. I know that Nesco and Excalibur have solid "fruit roll" trays just for foods that are wet and would fall through the mesh screens and/or trays.

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How do I xfer dehydrated FROZEN fruit to Mylar bags?

Good morning Rhonds (or Rhonda?) ;-)

What a great question. Here's what I'd do: I'd let the fruit thaw out in their ziploc bags. Then I'd put the fruit on the dehydrator to make sure it is completely dry (again!). Then I'd use my food vacuum-sealer, add an oxygen absorber in the food vacuum-sealer bag, and seal the bags so they're air-tight. Then they are ready to be stored in your Mylar bags. All we do is seal the Mylar bag - don't try and draw air out of Mylar bags! The Mylar bags will happily store your new pouches of dehydrated fruit - about four pouches to a bag - for long-term food storage.

Having said all that and you want to keep your fruit in ziploc bags (which I don't recommend - the vacuum-sealed bags ARE the way to go for long-term food storage), then make sure ALL traces of moisture are gone. I would still thaw out the fruit, dehydrate it a little to make sure there's no moisture from the freezing process, and then use NEW ziploc (i.e. "dry") bags. I'd add a 300cc oxygen absorber inside the Mylar bag along with three or four ziploc-filled fruit bags. Then seal the Mylar bag (using the food vacuum-sealer's "seal only" function.

See these links:


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Happy Labor Day! Dehydrate your left-over beef ...

Labor Day is fast approaching (and hopefully cooler weather!) Don't toss your left-over beef - dehydrate it! Here's how!

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Apple Sauce

Delicious Apple Sauce -- use as a hot topping on vanilla icecream, or to dress slices of tender pork...

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Dehydrating Fruit Rolls - Nature's Healthy Snack

Dehydrating Fruit Rolls -- How to Dehydrate Fruit Rolls at home! -- Nature's Healthy Snack :-)

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Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad -- Use Your Dehydrated Vegetables for this quick-fix Sandwich Stuffer... so easy to make too!

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Banana Cinnamon Rolls

Healthier Banana Cinnamon Rolls | Delicious - Inpired by Raw Vegan Chef Alicia Ojeda with Brittany Taylor

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