Pizza ... Take Two!

Success the Second Time Around ...

Pizza crust on parchment paper, atop a huge spatula

I'm NOT going to give up on making pizza. This page was created out of the shame of how my first pie had to be PUSHED OFF the paddle/spatula (read: almost scraped!!!) ...  

I felt I had to make another one (such hardship there – not!) This time I followed Anita's instructions! I used parchment paper and precooked the pizza crust for a few minutes first ON the paper ON the stone in the oven!

Put Parchment Paper On Spatula

I put the parchment paper on the spatula, cut it down to size and left about a one inch overlap of paper all around. I then placed the crust on it and shaped it so it wasn't hanging off the spatula/paddle! There's the dough, in the photo, ready for the oven, sat on the parchment paper.

After the pre-bake in the oven, I brought it out and added my sauce, some sautéed onions; green, red, yellow peppers, and mushrooms.

Prick the Dough!

no parchment paper needed after pre-baking

I pricked the dough to stop bubbles from forming. I then put it in the oven and baked it for 3 minutes. Next, I added the grated cheese, and then the olives, plus some of the vegetables I'd saved aside to put purposely on top of the cheese.

This huge slice of Anita's Pizza was my lunch!

Anita's Pizza - my lunch!

Here's a TIP: next time I shall bake it for five minutes as my cheese ended up getting a little too brown for my liking because I was waiting for the crust to turn just the right shade of 'done'.

Into the oven it went for about 15 minutes – but see the TIP above about baking the crust first for probably five minutes.

I forgot to mention earlier – I've been using the oven at 450°F instead of 475°F. No real reason.

Other Home-Made Goodies
by Anita and James!

James' cabinet with stained glass

I just wanted to add this! Anita and James live in bonny Scotland. They have also turned their hands to making lots of home-made goodies like coat hangers, and storage cabinets – some with stained-glass inserts and they're beautiful!

All pieces are made with such loving care, it's a wonder they can bear to part with them!

Recently, Anita told me that James has changed course, and now modifies campers!

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