Fill Four Full Trays With Veggies
On Your Dehydrator

An Easy Guide for Vegetables

To fill four full trays of vegetables on the dehydrator of your choice, it does help to know how many vegetables to purchase at the store.

This helps if you cannot afford to buy in bulk, and can only buy vegetables on a weekly basis. Time to get growing your own, you say? :-)

Most of us do not have tons of spare room in our fridges and freezers.

Before you go out buying too much, here's a handy guide that shows you roughly how many vegetables will fit on four dehydrator trays.

Please remember this is just a guide. It's not an exact science...

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  • Cut Green Beans: fresh or frozen, 2lb
  • Broccoli: fresh or frozen, 2lbs
  • Butternut Squash: fresh, 1 medium squash; frozen 2lb
  • Cabbage: fresh sliced, 1/2 cabbage head
  • Carrots: fresh, sliced 5-8 carrots; frozen 2lb
  • Cauliflower: fresh, 1 medium; frozen 2lb
  • Celery: fresh, 1 stalk, sliced
  • Cut Corn: fresh: 6-8 ears; frozen 2lb
  • Garlic: Elephant, fresh: 1 large bulb
  • Mushrooms: fresh, 2lb
  • Onions: fresh 1-1/2 to 2 medium to large; diced frozen 2lb
  • Peas: fresh or frozen 2lb
  • Peppers: fresh, cut in strips 4-5; frozen 2lb
  • Potatoes: fresh, varies 4-6; frozen diced hash brown 2lb
  • Tomatoes: fresh, 7-9
  • Zucchini: fresh, 3-6

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