Can You Dehydrate Brussels Sprouts?

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Brussels Sprouts

Easy Prep Brussels Sprouts

This question came in: Can you dehydrate Brussels sprouts?

The answer: Yes! Even though I don't have these tasty veggies listed in our top 16 veggies, you certainly can dehydrate them.

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Treat Them Like You Would Broccoli

Rinse the sprouts first. If you need to peel the outer layers of the sprouts, just cut off a bit of the hard-stem base to make it a little easier.

This leaves you with a nice flat bottom so you can safely cut the Brussels sprouts in half. Then follow the broccoli dehydrating instructions.

For years I used to call 'em Brussel Sprouts. I never equated them with Brussels (the country!)

After re-hydrating the sprouts, consider baking them like this super cheesy flan!

Brussels Sprouts cheese flan

Try Frying Brussels Sprouts in a Pan with Ham!

Brussels Sprouts frying in pan with sweet country ham

I know many folk turn their noses up at Brussels sprouts -- Yes, I know they are quite a pungent bitter vegetable, but you can make them taste a little sweeter by frying 'em up in a pan with slices of sweet country ham.

Gordon Ramsay also had a great recipe for sprouts for Christmas: watch the video below! 

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