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Hi there, it's great to see you here again! I hope you're finding what you're looking for - if not, please consider taking one of our online courses over at Udemy! Thanks! Susan for Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage

Be Prepared:

It's Not Just a Well-Known Motto

Now, more than ever, it's important to be prepared. It's not only important to be aware of what's going on around us – beyond your front door and at your workplace – but around the world too! Can you and your family survive beyond three days?

It's a well-known fact that food distribution channels will have no food or bottled water left beyond THREE days after a natural- or man-made disaster strikes. What can you personally do about it? Think about that.

We all are in a state of numbness; there's just so much (bad) news flying around at the speed of light, all of it vying for our eyeballs ... after a while, our eyes just glaze over – we've seen enough.

So, rather than me post even more bad news here I just want to keep you and your family safe – should something come along that changes our way of life as we know it.

America is TOUGH – and we CAN and WILL get through anything, but help yourself first so you're able to HELP others in a time of need.

WE CAN DO IT America!

Be Ready for Whatever Comes Along!

On this page you'll find some great sites to visit to be better prepared.

You can learn a lot about Saving Energy and Why We Need to Save Energy, and What You Can Do right now to help yourself and Mother Earth.

But click on this link first, Mike Maloney, followed by Chris Martenson, read about these two smart guys, then come back here!

Be Prepared for a Possible US-Dollar Crash

A while back, I discovered Mike Maloney, and he introduced me to Chris Martenson.
Both Mike's and Chris' sites are chock-full of stuff you really do need to know!

Please check out this Growing and Preserving Food link at Chris' site and then
PLEASE view his "Take the Crash Course" video. It's a real eye-opener, to say the least.

Another way to save money is to save energy. Easy Energy Saving has over
110 Energy Saving Tips, plus many Energy and Money Saving Articles to keep you living efficiently and saving money every day.

Be Prepared: Prepare your home by using Easy Energy Saving Home's fantastic tips above. You might want to turn your attention to some interesting scenarios and how to survive these possibilities, so please read on ...

Easy Energy Saving Home

Looking For Ways to Pinch a Penny?

Bargain hunting? Looking for cheap tickets? Grocery Coupons? Textbooks?

Well, look no further than The Saving Lady!

Click the following links: 101 Ways To Save Money where you'll find ways to save on just about anything.

20 Taste-Tested Easy Recipes

Your SAFE HAVEN Can Be Found Right Here

Can Be Found Right Here

At Bev's Home Sales, my good friend, Bev Miller, will be able to assist you in your search and purchase of the perfect get-away-from-it-all; your own private retreat with acreage, and perhaps a stream? Bev Miller is currently located in the western Smoky Mountain area of North Carolina: it's beautiful there! Plenty of acreage, rolling hills, room to grow your own fruits and veggies.

If your budget can't stretch for acreage, you can still have a very manageable, effective garden on a half-acre lot-size, complete with a beautiful cabin! So be prepared for Bev to make whatever your dreams are a reality!

Stream running through woods
Bev's Home Sales view from porch

Check out this smart use of space
beneath Bev's upper-story deck ...
a great greenhouse built around
the use of recycled windows!

Bev's Home Sales view from grounds

Don't Forget To SIGN UP for Six Simple Steps!

Keep YOUR Food Pantry FULL!

Learn how to keep a full pantry – for any reason or season!

Click the little girl's basket of apples to find out all about it!

Don't Forget To
SIGN UP for our Six Simple Steps!

Keep YOUR Food Pantry FULL!

Learn how to keep a full pantry –
for any reason or season!

Click the little girl's basket of
apples to find out all about it!

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