How to Dehydrate
Fruit Vegetables Meat

How to Dehydrate


Dehydrated Food in Mason Jars

Learn how to dehydrate Fruit Vegetables Meat and safely store your dehydrated foods in mason jars or vacuum-sealed bags, ideal for long term food storage!

Air, water, and light are the three enemies to keeping food fresh. Discover how to keep air, water, and light to a minimum and prolong the shelf life of your fresh fruits and vegetables.

Long Term Food Storage
made EASY and FAST -
perfect for preppers -
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Our comprehensive website teaches you how to have enough food put away for any Long Term Food Storage situation. From grocery store and garden to dehydrator to vacuum-sealed packets in your pantry. Ideal information for preppers!

Click any/all of the images below for complete information on our 6 Simple Steps; our two favorite dehydrators: Nesco and Excalibur brands; followed by how to STORE dehydrated food.

The Easy Food Dehydrating eBook and our updated 20 Taste-Tested Easy Recipes eBook images - when clicked - take you straight to Amazon.

For those who want to read more about them first, click these links for our info. pages on: Food Dehydrating eBook or our Recipe eBook or our How to Dehydrate Food... Top 20 Topics ...over 225 Questions Answered.



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Learning how to dehydrate fresh fruits and vegetables - whether from your garden or grocery store - is also a great way to beat inflation, or worse - a possible food shortage... 

Perfect Long Term Food Storage

Don't get caught empty-handed at the grocery store when there's an emergency... make sure you have enough food on hand for your family at all times by dehydrating your harvest at home! Perfect for long term food storage situations.

With the frightening aspect of Ebola or other fatal viruses becoming a national epidemic, make sure you and your family have enough food on-hand - just in case you are confined to your home in an Ebola or similar quarantine situation.

Don't forget the family pet... we'll share with you how to make your own nutritious and delicious Chicken Chow Doggie food too along with many Easy Delicious Recipes containing dehydrated food, that you can print out! If you don't have time to print out the recipes, we put them all in an eBook for you! Only 99¢ - we also list "fresh ingredients" too in lieu of dehydrated - ideal when fresh food is readily available.

Enjoy our Dehydrated Food slideshow below!

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Click the "Fruit", "Vegetables", and "Meat" links at the TOP of the page to learn all about them!

Dehydrated Food -
Made EASY!

Follow our

six simple steps
to Dehydrate


Fantastic For Long Term Food Storage
and in cases of national disasters

Give your kids the gift of great nutrition --
make your own back-packing snacks
from dehydrated fruit like
Banana Chips and check out
our Fruit Rolls!

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Wasting Money
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Spoiled Food...

It's now more important than ever to have long term food storage in mind, due to inflation wreaking havoc on food prices at our grocery stores and the frightening aspect of diseases spreading like wildfire... This site is chock-full of info. perfect for preppers!

Dehydrate Fruit Vegetables Meat
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