Dehydrated Food Storage Wall

Here's our dehydrated food storage wall!

When it's time to create more storage space for your buckets or bins, and boxes, check out my great wall of storage that started with a blank wall (well, I took some artwork down and moved a chair first!)

My husband went to the local hardware store and purchased two of the cheapest closet organizers that span 5' to 8' width and two extra 48" wire shelves. Turns out I still need some extra shelf-supporting clips, but they're on their way!

Dehydrated Food Storage Wall before

If you don't have such a helpful-hubby (or wife!), then by all means, shop online and have it delivered! See the ClosetMaid system(s) at at the top of the right hand column! :-)

It's not very hard to do, just follow the instructions that are included in the closet shipping boxes.

From start to finish, it took about three hours to do the whole job!

It's Almost Finished...

I do intend to have some drapery on a rod for the dehydrated food storage wall, so that the whole shelving unit can be hidden behind it.

I may have another row of shelves right on top as there's still enough room left on the four uprights to do that but I'm not sure if I'll be able to access it...

But right now I'm worn out, so maybe tomorrow! I just wanted to share this with you all to give you an idea of what you can do at your home.

Total cost so far: $70 (not including food and buckets!!!) ... And I'm SURE I've got some drapes up in the attic ...

Yessss! I found the drapes ... but I've not had time to finish off the 'hanging system'... :-)

Dehydrated Food Storage Wall half way

Now It's Finished!

Well look here - I finally finished the wall - it only took me around six months to get "a round tuit"!!!

I simply used an old curtain rod and wired it up to the top of the shelving's upright posts (drilled a hole in the tops first for the wire). I then sewed curtain rings on the backs of the curtain.

We all agree it certainly looks much better!

Food Wall finally, with curtains!

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