Six Simple Steps
for Dehydrating Food

Follow these Six Simple Steps shown in order, below,  and you'll soon be creating tasty dishes made from your very own stock of dehydrated fruits and vegetables!

Step 1 - Buy It!

Simple Step 1
The basis of the first simple step is to buy foods that are on sale
or in season! Buy Fresh OR Frozen! Maybe it's time to start
growing your own fruits and vegetables too.
Consider buying fresh foods in bulk. Visit local farms, and stop by
those fantastic road-side fruit and vegetable stands.

Step 2 - Prep It!

Simple Step 2
Prepare your foods is step number two - simply by washing, blanching,
steaming or spraying with lemon juice! The lemon juice deters oxidation.
If you go the easiest route with frozen foods,
there's no preparation involved - now that's easy!

Step 3 - Dehydrate It!

Simple Step 3
Dehydrate your foods by using an electric dehydrator,
and read a brief overview on the main fruit and vegetable pages.
Then select the fruit of your choice, or a vegetable you like,
and there's even cooked meats for dehydration too!

Step 4 - Condition It!

Simple Step 4
Condition your foods - Place cooled foods into air tight bags,
such as zip-lock bags, so that the air and any moisture
in the bag circulates and distributes evenly!
Let them sit out on your counter-top for a day or overnight.

Step 5 - Vacuum and Seal It!

Simple Step 5
Simple step five consists of vacuuming the air out of your bags.
Place your food in the vacuum sealer bag with an oxygen pack.
We are now ready to use a vacuum sealer machine
to draw the air out of the bags -- this is a lot of fun!

Step 6 - Store It!

Simple Step 6
Step six is the final step in our journey of dehydrating food
and storing it away in a safe place.
Store your foods in Mylar bags, and finally in plastic lidded bins
or feed buckets with lids -- for the long-term.

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