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Food Dehydrators

Food dehydrator loaded with vegetables

What Are They and How Do They Work?

Food Dehydrators have been around for a very long time. Read more on how they work farther down the page :-)

When I first saw them about ten years ago I thought they were pretty much a passing fad and who on earth would want one of those?

So - How Do Food Dehydrators Work?

Nesco Dehydrator Trays

Food dehydrators work by simply removing the moisture in foods by means of an air-circulating fan and a heating element. They have temperature controls ranging from 90°F to 160°F so you can choose the appropriate setting.

They are not silent-running – but they do pretty much run in the background. In fact, they create a good white-noise! Beats hearing the neighbor's barking dogs and street noise!

The dehydrators for home use are lightweight – so they're easily portable. The two I own are made from plastic. One is black with molded panels that resemble leather-hide. The other model is a speckled white/gray sturdy plastic. One dehydrator has its fan in the rear and the other model has its fan at the top in the lid.

Foods Can Be Preserved in Other Ways

Foods can be preserved by canning, freeze-drying, smoking, or DEHYDRATING. To me, the easiest method by far is dehydrating! The simplicity of it appealed to me more than anything.

There are two sections, below, covering the
Excalibur and Nesco dehydrators in more detail.
Click the big links to learn more about the dehydrators we use:

There are two sections,
covering the
Excalibur and Nesco
dehydrators in
more detail.
Click the big links
to learn more about
the dehydrators
we use:

For More on the Excalibur™ dehydrator click here
...see you over there!

Excalibur Dehydrators

Excalibur® 4-Tray Starter

Excalibur® 9-Tray Economy

Excalibur® 9-Tray Deluxe

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. The price you pay doesn't increase.

For More on the NESCO™ dehydrator click here
...see you over there!

Nesco Dehydrators

FD 75-A

Nesco® American Harvest Express
All-In-One Kit with Jerky Gun

FD-60 Snackmaster

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. The price you pay doesn't increase.

Click HERE to see Volume 1

Click HERE to see Volume 2

Food Shortages?

But it wasn't through kitchen-gadget ads on TV or online that made me take the plunge – it was due to the very real possibility of a world-wide food shortage in the next 10 years or so.

If you read up on super-power China, and about how much US debt they own, and how China must sustain a double-digit growth rate ... it becomes obvious that to sustain a country that has four times the number of citizens than the US, there needs to be enough food in the world to feed China ... and the rest of the world.

But, That's Ten Years Away You Say ...

The reason I'm preparing NOW is because of the threat of inflation – or more likely hyper-inflation ... or even home quarantine due to vicious viruses running rampant.

And what about all possible collapse of our economy?

Every time more money is printed by our government, it dilutes the buying power of the dollars that are already in circulation. It takes MORE of your dollars in your wallet to buy things now than it did six months ago. Who knows what the food prices will be six months from now? It all sounds a bit scary?

Yep. BUT, if the people predicting all this are right ... I'll gladly start putting food away NOW, here and there, if/when it goes on sale – before inflation sky-rockets – take it home, dehydrate it, and store it!

Get Some Food PUT AWAY Today!

And if the people predicting all this are wrong? I'd rather look silly later on, than be starving later on.

This way, we can help out friends and relatives who did not prepare and thought that food-shortages in the USA just could not possibly happen!

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Nesco food dehydrator

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Excalibur food dehydrator

Excalibur™️ Food Dehydrator

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Long Term Food Storage

Want to store dehydrated food for long-term? See how to store it SAFELY here.

If you want to check out dehydrator reviews before getting one, then please visit for in-depth "Best Food Dehydrator" reviews.
Also read a more about the history of dehydrating food on their website here.

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