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Your dog is sure to enjoy Fetch Dog Treats!

Organic Pumpkin Cookies by Fetch!Organic Pumpkin Cookies
fetch! Gourmet Dog Treats

Nutritious Dog Treats
for your Best Friend

Instead of making my own and dehydrating them (I have done this, but mostly I'm just too pushed for time!)—get your doggie cookies from the professionals! 

Check out Fetch Dog Treats.

Jackie Lovern to the Rescue!

Jackie's company uses all-natural products and like grizzly salmon oil (rich in omega-3 fatty acids) in all her wheat-free dog treats!

Reward your pups or grumpy old dog with wholesome, healthy treats!

Fetch Dog Treats Began with Sargent's Adoption

Sargent Pepperoni from Fetch! Dog TreatsImage Courtesy Fetch! Dog Treats

I asked Jackie how she got started: "Well, it all started when I adopted Sargent about 3 years ago. When I took him for his first vet visit, I asked the vet what she suggested that I feed him. She said if you can, try and make your own treats so that you know what is in them."

Jackie continued, "I started to do some research and all of the recipes that I found called for white or wheat flour. Through extensive hours of research, I learned that those particular grains were not the best for dogs.

As it turns out, just like in humans, there are a large number of dogs that tend to be sensitive or allergic to wheat flour."

"If we measured our affection toward others
by how many nicknames we bestow upon them,
our pets would be the most loved."

— Carrie Brownstein

"If we measured our
affection toward others
by how many
nicknames we bestow
upon them, our pets
would be the
most loved."

— Carrie Brownstein

Oat Flour's Additional Benefits
in Fetch Dog Treats

Miniature Pinscher eating dog treatsBoy, these pumpkin treats are GOOD!

Jackie adds, "After some trial and error, I found that oat flour was the best to work with and also has a number of additional benefits for dogs.

Another ingredient that seemed common in most homemade dog treat recipes was canola oil.

As this has no positive benefit to either dogs or humans, I again began to research alternatives.

I noticed that some premium dog foods make a point to include Omega 3, and after some more trial and error, we had our healthy alternative which added so many new benefits."

Every Ingredient Used is Safe for Dogs

Jackie says, "After checking and double checking to be sure that each and every ingredient was safe for Sgt. I started to make batches of treats and freeze them. I told my friends what I was doing and they wanted to try my treats on their dogs. The feedback was incredible!

They all said that their dogs loved them, and more and more people were suggesting that I start a business and share them with every dog.

That's how Fetch Dog Treats was born. I have Sgt. Pepperoni as my Quality Control Officer, and my partner John Griveas is in charge of all marketing and sales for the company. It's growing right before my eyes.

Fetch! started off as just a great treat for Sarge, and now I am in five storefront locations in WNY and a couple of different seasonal markets. John is working on some pretty big things that may help expand our reach even more over the next year or so, so we recommend that you stay tuned!"

Jackie, we wish you nothing but the best!

Our Min Pin loves her
organic pumpkin treats
and her peanut butter goodness treats!

As posted on our Dog Treats page are Jackie's FANTASTIC peanut butter treats! My min pin LOVES 'em... she dances up and down when I get the Fetch Dog Treats container out! I do break them up for her so she doesn't try to eat it in "one go"... you know what dogs are like...

Jackie has plenty of convenient payment options: Shop Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and the old PayPal way which I still love and use; and regular Credit/Debit card payment.

Don't forget to choose your preferred payment option upon checkout!

Fetch Me A Treat!

Jackie very often has special shipping offers, so I take advantage and order enough to garner "free shipping" and then I store the containers in the freezer until our Min Pin needs more!

Editor's Note:

It's funny how many small businesses get started. More often than not, many of them begin due to the owner finding a solution to a problem that they personally experienced.

I know that's what happened to me when we adopted our Miniature Pinscher. Her adoption resulted in me making my own (wet) dog food and then creating an eBook and a paperback on "How to make dog food" yourself - without all the fillers and stuff you can't pronounce.

Before you go order your treats from Jackie's website, check out the eBook about making wet doggie food, plus you can dehydrate our wet food and make your own doggie biscuits!

What's Your Dog's Favorite Homemade Food?

Is your dog drooling to have its photo featured showing us how much he/she enjoys your homemade doggie meals? Do you have a great recipe? Share it!

Your recipe will be posted "auto-magically" and you'll have your very own recipe and webpage featuring your dog's favorite food!

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