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You've arrived at this page due to you landing on an old LINK.

For my old existing FAQ pages 1 through 15, consider visiting this FAQ page

For the old Amazon Marketplace link - just go to :-) LOL

For the old videos page, they're completely gone.

For pizza-related pages: "Bread-and-Pizza," "Pizza-Take-Two," and "bread-and-pizza," along with plain old "Pizza" take note that all those forward to this link: ""

For my Supmakin video demo on its video page, it wouldn't "play nice,", so I deleted that page and that's why you're here. Sorry about that!

The old Podcast pages have been removed and that's why you landed here!

Podcast Easy Food Dehydrating which linked out to:

Podcast 10 Things You Should Know About Dehydrating Food

Podcast 6 Steps For Dehydrating Food Safely

Podcast Create Food Storage Space

Podcast Dehydrating Fruit Vegetables And Meat

Podcast Dehydrating Meat

Podcast Difference Between Nesco And Excalibur Dehydrators

Podcast Food Vacuum Sealer Bags And Rolls

Podcast How To Dehydrate Food Safely Overview

Podcast Make Your Own Dog Food

Podcast Mylar Bags

Podcast Oxygen Absorbers

For these pages with old existing links:

Jolly old England

Survival seeds

The Raw Food Revolution

Got taxes

Food glorious food

Betty's vegetables

Get serious

Solar made easy

Cooking in a crisis


Forget the flowers...

all those pages were completely removed and that's why you landed here. Sorry about that!

BUT, while you're here, why not pick up my free "How to Grow & Dehydrate Herbs" eBook shown below? Get the insider secret to making herb-infused oils!

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On some pages, I have a form where you can send in your comments pertaining to what you've read on that page.

Sometimes, for some strange reason, they show as links that are inaccessible. I will try to figure out why, but at the moment, it's above my pay grade.

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