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Mylar Bags ~ Perfect for Long-Term Food Storage

Mylar bags are the next-to-last destination for pint- or quart sized-vacuum bags. (The final step is the plastic lidded bins, or buckets for filled Mylar bags for long-term food storage).

Mylar Bags

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These special bags are made from a polyester film and are very shiny in appearance. They keep out air, light, moisture, and BUGS!

An Extra Layer
of Protection

Mylar bags are very tough and tear-resistant and are ideal for food packaging – it gives an extra layer of protection to our individual food packets that you'll place inside for safekeeping.

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Did You Know This? Mylar Bags are Smooth Inside ...

Vacuum-Sealer Bags Have One Side Smooth and One Side Textured Inside

Mylar bags are smooth, both inside and out, unlike food vacuum-sealer bags.

Mylar bags keep the light and air out, when sealed properly, and are easy to write on with a black felt-tipped pen/marker so you know what's in them!

The reason you can't vacuum these bags, (or is at least VERY hard to do), is that both sides of the Mylar bag are smooth and there's no need to draw the air out. These Mylar bags are used for storing your filled vacuum-sealed bags.

The reason for the textured side in vacuum-sealer bags:

Food vacuum-sealer bags need to have one inner side textured. You need to have a way for the air to be drawn out when vacuum-sealing your packages that are filled with dehydrated food!

Take A Closer Look ...

Take a close look at the plastic vacuum bags that the dehydrated food goes into first; you'll notice that one side is smooth and the other side is 'bumpy', for want of a better word. These textured 'bumps' enable the air to actually be drawn out of the bag, otherwise the two smooth surfaces just simply clamp shut tight together! Yeah, repeating myself here, but ... just want to get the point across!

Use A Black Felt-Tipped Marker Pen

Black Felt Tipped Pen

When you've filled your 10 inch x 14 inch bags, use a black felt tipped pen as mentioned above, to describe the contents of the bags. Write the date on it too!

Keep reading to see ideal number of vacuum-sealed packages that can fit inside one of the bags (below the Amazon ads).

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. The price you pay doesn't increase.

Three or Four (Max!) Packages In One Mylar Bag

I can get at least three plastic-wrap vacuum-packed packages into one bag, sometimes four. Don't overstuff. If you try to get more in, it makes it harder to seal the bag, plus you risk puncturing the vacuum-sealed packages inside, when one pokes against the other. That's the reason why I plastic-wrap the packages after vacuum sealing. For a 10 inch by 14 inch bag, a 300cc oxypack is used.

NOTE: To make sure you understand – we do not vacuum the Mylar bags, we only use the sealing function on the vacuum-sealer machine; not the air removal function.

The vacuum AND sealing takes place only on the food vacuum-sealer bags, or the food vacuum-sealer rolls.

Photos: Filled Mylar Bags, Ready For Long-Term Storage

Mylar bags packed and sealed

Don't forget to check out Amazon for the best prices – and as you can see in the Amazon ads shown farther up the page, some Mylar bags come complete with a matching number of appropriately-sized oxygen absorbers!

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