Lettuce, Pea, and Green Bean Spongies

by Alexis Guenard
(Orlando, FL)

My Layle is so cute!

My Layle is so cute!

My cat, Layle, loves this treat. I actually made it for my pet snail that's arriving soon but then found my cat Layle loved it.

It's made with oat flour, dehydrated lettuce, peas and green beans - sliced into a fine powder and mixed with water and eggs. I then microwave it for thirty seconds.

You will need water which should be half to a quarter of how much powdered veggies you have and you will need the same amount of eggs as water. You will need oat flour - about half of the amount of dehydrated veggie powder.

But first you have to get lettuce, peas and green beans, then put them in a dehydrator for seven hours or more (if needed).

I suggest you use the entire lettuce. Once it's done, put it all in a blender, then microwave for thirty seconds.

(Sorry my cat pictures are “sideways”!)

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Very Interesting Cat Treat Recipe!
by: Susan

Thank you, Alexis, for sending in your very unusual cat treats recipe! I'm happy that Layle loves it, and I'm sure other cats (and snails!) will love it too.

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