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Be Hurricane Ready!

Be hurricane ready ... Preparation is key!

'Before' and 'After' Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne'Before' and 'After' Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne turned our lives and workshops, machinery, and buildings upside down.

Be Prepared for Hurricane Season ...

June 1st heralds the beginning of Hurricane Season. For the most part, I think that Floridians are prepared, either with nice storm shutters or plywood for their window protection.

You know a hurricane has been through and power's not back on when you hear gasoline-powered generators throughout your neighborhood – but even one light (and keeping your refrigerator on) is worth the noise.

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Be Hurricane Ready with Emergency Food and Supplies

Nesco dehydrator tray

Top of the list, though, for being hurricane ready is emergency food and supplies. Get your NOAA radio, medical supplies, batteries, maps ready now – so you won't be rushing around later.

Start buying an extra gallon or two of water each week when you shop. This way, the expense won't be 'all at once' when the hurricane strikes and you'll be hurricane ready! Plus, it's easier to carry one (or two) water bottles at a time. :-)

Food: Get crackin' and get some fresh produce dehydrated now.

Follow our six steps and store it safely so that you'll be prepared with dehydrated food on-hand. Our dehydrated food is vacuum-sealed, so it keeps out any rain water too!

We had our 'wake-up' call in 2004, after I'd been in Florida 24 years without seeing any hurricanes personally - so now we do not take the hurricane season lightly anymore.

Kudos to Lowe's

Well, we weren't really hurricane ready. It doesn't seem all that long ago that dad and I popped down to Lowe's of Vero Beach, Florida, in his truck, and we were lining up ... along with 30 or so other like-minded people. All of whom had flatbeds in tow, with sheets of plywood standing on edge.

It was a feeling of camaraderie, no-one was panicking, no pushing and shoving to get to the front of the line ... we were all there for the same reason – to protect our homes and families and to be prepared for Hurricane Frances (and Jeanne as it turned out).

Check out our photos of what was left after the twin hurricanes.

Kudos definitely go to Lowe's for being so organized and this was at 7 am in the morning!
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Added September 12, 2013:

I'd like to add a few words here as it's been almost a year now since Hurricane Sandy — the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of  the 2012 season and won't soon be forgotten either — and my heart goes out the survivors who are no doubt still trying to get their lives back to some semblance of normalcy.

Today the weather outside my window is thundery and pouring down with rain — ah well, that's what you get for living in the (almost) tropics ... so, I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this year we'll be blessed with no hurricane damage at all to the beautiful shorelines of the United States of America.

Added May 22, 2018:

Another update; we moved house and had to rent for a short while - but it was our first experience with real metal shutters! What an absolute JOY to put up compared to the horrible sheets of plywood. I managed to pretty much do the whole rental house in about an hour, compared to a six-hour slog with help from hubby. So glad our new home too, has the metal shutters.

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