Keep YOUR Food Pantry Full. Here's How.

9 Meals away from Hunger

Keep YOUR food pantry full. It's easy when you know how. Learn how to dehydrate fresh food. And frozen, even canned food.

But let's stick with fresh food for now.

Have you seen (and felt) the price of food sky-rocket these past couple of months? 

We've felt the pinch at the checkout counter, and when we get home, we see that our 10 oz. of product is now only 8 oz. of product in the same sized outer packaging.

And not always for the same price, sometimes it's costlier!

9 meals away, 3 days, from going hungry

It's Everyone for Themselves

After that, it's everyone for themselves. After natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tornadoes, AND not-so-natural disasters like the Covid-19 Pandemic... grocery store shelves empty FAST.

Sometimes the food delivery trucks can't make it to your neck of the woods, so whatcha gonna do?

I say "Be Prepared"... Learn how to dehydrate food!

Keep Your Food Pantry full!

Am I Being Overly Dramatic?

I'm making these dramatic points on purpose. Nowadays, we all rely on the local grocery store for our food. OK, so there are some fantastic (backyard) farmers out there who can grow enough crops and raise cattle on a ten-acre plot—growing enough food to feed their family and a few neighbors. But these folk are RARE.

That's why I'm pointing out that you need to have enough back-up food so you and your family aren't caught empty-handed.

We've been through more than our own share of hurricanes down here in central Florida to experience empty grocery store shelves.

We had to throw away old half-thawed frozen stuff, and eat all the refrigerated stuff as soon as possible. There had to be a better way to have food on hand that could be reconstituted with good old water and heated on a campfire (assuming your power is still out for a couple of days until power is restored).

That's Why this Easy Food Dehydrating
Website Exists

That's why I created the Easy Food Dehydrating website and related eBooks and paperbacks to help you all start building up a supply of dehydrated fruits and veggies. I also created courses on the Udemy learning platform.

Another point in your favor for dehydrating food is this: you'll have fruits and veggies available to you when they're out of season! How cool is that?!

Our Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage eBook teaches you how to dehydrate and safely store the top 14 fresh fruits and the top 16 fresh vegetables. And yes, you can use the frozen varieties too.

Stop throwing fresh food away!

Keep your family fed when stressful situations arise.

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