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Help! My Dog Will NOT Eat!


My dog will not eat! And that can be concerning, to say the least!

One of the most prominent characteristics of our four-pawed friends is their unstoppable appetite. You probably got used to seeing your dog drool while you eat, or binge-eat no matter how much dog food you give him.

You might have even experienced anxious episodes from your dog when you don't want to share your food with him. That's why appetite loss in dogs seems almost like an impossible thing to happen.

It seems so unimaginable to the extent that people start to panic as soon as they notice it.

My Dog Will Not Eat! Was it the Carrots... or is it a Disease?

Inevitably, seeing that your dog will not eat will make you worry, and you will immediately start thinking about all the reasons that could be causing his uncommon state.

Is it that little piece of carrot you gave him? Or the sudden change in food? Or maybe it's some disease? While it might be a symptom of a temporary illness, it can also be the result of slight changes your dog has gone through.

There's no need to panic right away, as the reasons why he won't eat might even be a little silly. It might be that he is just having some harmless digestion issues, and as a result, they slow it down with food.

Sometimes, the reasons might be behavior-related, and not eating may be the way they protest to new things they're not used to yet.

10 reasons why your dog won't eat from Barking Royalty

A Change in Diet, Even Beneficial, Can Be Stressful

Another thing that can cause sudden appetite loss in dogs is the change in diet.

Even if it's very beneficial for your dog, this could happen too with dehydrated food.

However, this is not something to worry about. This happens mostly with even the slightest changes in the way your dog eats, so it should probably pass within a few days.

If you decide to include dehydrated food in your dog's diet, you should do it slowly, by increasing the amount day by day, until he accepts it.

No dog likes radical changes, so make sure you follow his pace while introducing new things to him.

A Vet Visit is Necessary if Your Dog Hasn't Eaten for More Than 2 Days

Appetite loss shouldn't last for a longer period of time. In the end, we all need food.

Your dog will end up being exhausted and low in energy, the same way you would feel weak after several days without your regular nutritional intake.

If you realize your dog is not eating for more than 2 days, you should definitely take him to the vet.

In any case, being a dog owner comes with a certain responsibility, and the nutrition and health of your pet are among the things you always have to keep an eye on. That's why it's important to keep yourself informed about some basic situations that could happen to your lovely puppy.

Because it seems such an extreme condition for your dog, it's important that you understand what can be making your dog not want to eat.

Thanks to Barking Royalty we got this cool infographic about the main 10 reasons your dog won't eat.

So, the next time you start freaking out because your pet is ignoring that bowl you just filled, come back and take a look at the infographic. Go through the checklist, eliminate the unlikely possibilities, and if it still seems like an alarming situation, please take your dog to the vet.

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