Dog Food
Chicken Chow
Home Made!
enough to make your dog drool ...

Make Your Own Dog Food ~ Chicken Chow ~ homemade ... and feed your dog REAL FOOD made the old fashioned way ~ with love.

Do you even know what's in your canned dog food?
I Bet Not.  Ugh! 

And on that note, I began making my own doggie dinners. My min pin LOVES IT. Our vet says "she glows."

Make Your Own Dog Food!

Make Your Own Dog Food

Yes, you can, and in our downloadable full color .pdf, we'll show you just how easy it is to make!

Shouldn't your best friend eat nutritious and delicious food too?

Your dog deserves it!

Chicken Chow
Your Dog Wants This ... BUY NOW!

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Make Your Own Dog Food .pdf

On a recent nail-trimming vet trip, the vet exclaimed "your dog's in perfect health!" I just smiled inwardly knowing that's due to her diet. You see, our dog is lean, (but not mean), has a lovely shiny coat, and bright eyes.

Our Chicken Chow has the protein of real chicken (or beef) with added millet and quinoa.

We add fresh veggies such as carrots, celery, and sweet potatoes! And for added enjoyment: wide egg noodles.

We show you the four simple vitamins we add to the mix to ensure your dog's good health.

This food is so good that even YOU can eat it!

Our Dog Loves
Her Chicken Chow
Dog Food!

Dog Food Chicken Chow - Make Your Own

Feed Your Dog Fantastic Food

It's easy to make, all you need is a saucepan and a pressure cooker. Don't have (or want) a pressure cooker? No problem.

Just pre-cook your chicken as if you were cooking if for yourself (minus salt, pepper etc.) and cut it into tiny pieces. Then use a large saucepan to make the rest of the recipe.

Download our .pdf today! Make a vow to give Chicken Chow to your dog — and it'll be the best dinner your best friend has ever had!

The Gadget to Get:

Fagor Pressure Cooker
Stainless Steel 6 quart,
3-in-1 Multi Cooker

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"If we measured our
affection toward others
by how many
nicknames we bestow
upon them, our pets
would be the
most loved."

— Carrie Brownstein

We add Vitamins
for Good Health

Vitamin Mix for Chicken Chow for dogs

It's easy! Just add four simple vitamins to our Chicken Chow.

Make Your Own Dog Food .pdf

It's all in our beautiful downloadable .pdf ...
get your copy today!

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Get Your eBook Today -
Feed Your Dog the Best Meal Ever Tomorrow!

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Money-Back Guarantee

100% Money-Back guarantee

With the purchase of our Make Your Own Dog Food eBook, you're assured of a prompt refund should you not be totally delighted with our eBook!

Susan and all of us here at Easy Food Dehydrating would like to thank you very much for your support, we really appreciate all the kind comments you send in daily :-)

Dehydrate Blobs of Chicken Chow
to make Nutritious Dog Biscuits

In the photo I decided to dehydrate some of the chicken chow. Worked like a charm!

Simply add teaspoon-sized blobs of our recipe onto a solid sheet on your dehydrator. Dehydrate until dry. Store for the long-term. The dehydrated Chicken Chow re-hydrated very well too!

This is good to know so that your dog doesn't go hungry in a state of an emergency.

Dehydrating Chicken Chow —
How Did That Turn Out?

Chicken Chow, after re-hydrating - perfect!

Here It Is After Re-Hydrating – Perfect Results!

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