Start a New Business

Time to Start a New Business! Times are a-changing fast. Never before have we been freer as a people. What?

Yes, it's true ... we do have the choice to not be tethered to a desk at a boring job we hate. We can, instead, tether ourselves to our own desk and love it!

Start a NEW business with SBI!

Traditional Ways Falling Apart?

Haven't you noticed how traditional ways of doing business are falling apart – meaning they are changing rapidly? Take book publishing, for instance. Authors can now self-publish over on Amazon and other places, it's a  great way to start a new business. The gatekeepers of the big publishing companies do not have the stranglehold on new authors anymore.

Admittedly, it does make the competition out there a bit steeper with more and more authors, for instance. But competition is good – it keeps prices in check – it may also mean you have to work a little harder; put out a better product – be the best you can be – and do the best you can do.

Video On Demand ...

Have you noticed all the videos on YouTube?  You can start a new business with just videos, especially for Video Courses. People subscribe to YouTube Channels now ... Television is rapidly evolving to "on demand" meaning you no longer have to be on your couch at a certain time to watch a show. Yes, I know DVRs have been around a while, but there's still a ton of folk who don't use their DVRs ... TV shows nowadays can be watched on YOUR schedule, not the networks' schedules.

Also, with the advent of TV on our PCs, it means that advertising is once again like the olden days – you have to sit and watch it – you can't fast-forward! At least that's true for me regarding watching a TV show on my PC. Advertisers will be lovin' it ... and don't forget, if you start a business, you'll become an advertiser too – so it works both ways.

3D Printing Technology


Who would've thought that you could print things in 3D? Just a few short years ago plastics were the material used to create life-like objects. Now? They can print metal! There is no limit to what you can do with them.

I'm bringing this point up because you can see how yet another "trade" is becoming obsolete.

The joiners who create mock-ups in wood, and milling machine operators who mill things in metal, either need to "get with the program" and start to learn 3D printing technology.It's time to start a new business or get left behind.

Chart Your Own Course and
Start A New Business

Never before has it been easier to start a new business and chart your own course.

The internet has made it possible to reach millions of people not only in your own country, but around the world.

This opens up the endless possibility for customers worldwide.

But, to reiterate, competition can be fierce. You need to get the right ammunition. No point in going off half-cocked with a "free" website. You honestly do "get what you pay for." 

Do those "free website" companies teach you how to build a business plan? How to do keyword research? No Sir-ee Bob.

But SBI does. They have so much stuff ...  it's easy to get your site hooked up with Facebook, Twitter et al. How about making sure your site is mobile-friendly? Yup, it's in here too. It truly is mind-boggling.

You Get (Just About) EVERYTHING With SBI!

I must admit that I do use WordPress sites. Hey, their templates are great and it's free (hosting isn't, don't forget - you still have to pay for hosting!) BUT, and there's always a but! ... I do get sick and tired of just about everyday having to update someone's "free" plugin ... every time I logged in, I'd have to spend precious time updating and updating and updating ... there's none of that needed over at SBI!

Speaking of templates, SBI does have a good selection, but really, just about all of them can be customized to your liking. Don't like the header in the template? Then drag and drop your own in there instead! Do you want horizontal navigation bars instead of the vertical bars? No problem. Change the color scheme, headline font? Easily done. Do you want to have a blog page? No problem... I have a "Recent Articles" sidebar/column that links to the blog page that links to the corresponding site pages. Automagically.

It's all so easy to do too. Yes, I'm going to use that very old worn out saying, "If I can do it, you can do it too!" – Yes YOU can start a new business of your very own!

Ken Evoy and SiteSell

This site was created with SBI, AKA SiteSell. Its founder, Ken Evoy, goes way out of his way help you succeed. Their support staff are phenomenal too. The company recently updated SBI to stand for Solo Built It; it used to be Site Build It.

I was blown away (still am) by the vast amount of available resources at SBI. Got a question? Visit the friendly forums. Still in need of an answer? Then contact "Support." They have never let me down yet. There's the old email way to contact them, or the handy pop-up chat.

A few of the gals in support know me well – don't you "Lesley in Devon," "Carol," "Jenny," and "Laura"? :-)


You DO Get What You Pay For!

It always amazes me when people ask, "what site builder do you use, Susan?" and I reply SBI and then the next question is always, "how much does it cost?"

When I tell them you can get going for as little as $25 a month (you save $60/yr if you choose the yearly plan, see more below), they balk. 

I don't know about you, but I cannot think of ANY SINGLE ONE BUSINESS you can start with such a LOW OVERHEAD. Can't be done. No way with a brick'n'mortar store!

The $25 a month is a yearly commitment of $299. What happens if you just want to "test out a theory/site" – see if there's enough potential? Do what I did and opt to pay month-by-month for just $29.99 a month. I do that until I'm sure I want to keep on with any given website. If it's a fruitful site, then I'll switch over to yearly and save a few bucks!

It's Time to Get Excited!

SBI! Monthly Billing Option

What Are You Waiting For?

Everyone knows something about something ... a little, or a lot. Don't you want to share your passion?

So long as your passion is something that could benefit someone else, then you have a shot at creating a successful website business.

If it's too obscure a passion, then just keep it as your passion – your hobby. Sometimes when you turn a small hobby you love into a job, the fun of it is lost and then it turns into a chore.

Instead, choose one of the many "a-ha" moments you've had and start a new business website with that idea. 

Like when you've been frustrated when washing the car with an old cloth and it keeps on falling into the dirt – and you think that a washing-mitt would be better ... (yes, I'm sure that's already been done!).

On that note, SBI also helps you with their SearchIt! tool – to make sure that you don't go ahead with an idea that's already been trademarked, etc.

SBI comes complete with traffic stats, link trackers, sub-domain plug-in capability, keyword research tools ...

but wait, there's more! :-)

Libraries for: Image, Links, Trackers,
Reusable Blocks ... and more!

Image library, tracker library, link library ... reusable block library, form library, email too!  We have Special File Manager to upload an eBook for sale on your site for instance; RSS set-up, Name Park It!  The traffic center is loaded with goodies to aid in Search Engine HQ, Image Search HQ, Local, and Other Search HQs too! You are not left floundering – there's Tips 'n' Techniques, Monetization methods, Google studies and much much more.

Their site-builder, called Block Builder (BB2 latest version), is absolutely awesome! When you've created your page, there's an "Analyze It!" tool that combs your page for word-count, it checks that your page title, description, keywords, etc. are all used in the right amount in the right places (yes, "search engine optimization" the RIGHT way – not black hat).

SBI really "has your back" and now is a great time to start a new business – hey you may even get big enough to have to hire help! BUT – if that scenario is too scary and you like working solo - then building a website is a perfect way to go!

YOUR Website Business is
Waiting to be Created!

I put in many twelve- to
fourteen-hour days.
Because I LOVE IT.
You are your own boss.
Try it, you might like it!
Today is the day to start a new business!
Copyright© January, 2015, updated June 2020

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