Food Dehydrating 101
in Case of a 911 Food Emergency

Food Dehydrating 101
in Case of a 911 Food Emergency

Food Dehydrating 101—In Case of a 9-1-1 Emergency was created for those of you who are short on time (aren't we all these days?)

I included EVERYTHING you NEED TO KNOW about dehydrating food for long-term food storage—and you'll be good to go in ONE HOUR!

Available on Udemy. Buy Now, with Lifetime Access!

Available on Udemy. Buy Now,
with Lifetime Access!

Make Your Own Emergency Food

Make Your Own
Emergency Food

On Udemy

1 hr Udemy course called "Food Dehydrating 101"
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EMPs—and Other Nasty Disasters

I don't know about you, but the thought of an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) being detonated above the central USA scares the blazes out of me—or even if the EMP was a natural solar flare—it still is worrisome.

We'd have no electrical power and life as we know it today would drastically change.

Then there are the natural weather disasters: hurricanes, earthquakes, pandemics—when all's said and done, you still have to eat.

I talk about being survival-savvy here, and how we must first learn to look after ourselves so we can take care of others. It's like being on an airplane: parents put on their air-breathing masks first, then attend to the kids - in an emergency scenario.

Start Dehydrating Food Today!

I've been on the prepping 'bandwagon' since 2010 and it alarms me that most people don't think beyond "next week".

Did you know that it only takes 3 daysthat's NINE MEALS—before people start to go hungry when the national food chain/services break down?

So I say don't become a part of the sad statistic of being out of the loop.

Prepare now for whatever comes our way... economic collapse due to the shaky fiat dollar system—weather-related disasters—or war. That's why I created Food Dehydrating 101.

Learn ALL You Need To Know in ONE HOUR on Udemy

Learn ALL You Need To Know in ONE HOUR on Udemy

 You have lifetime access, 24-7!

What You Get:
1 Packed Hour of Video Content and 14 Lectures!

In this one-hour Udemy course, I teach you how to safely dehydrate fruits, vegetables, and meat for long-term food storage. Make sure you have enough food on hand—whatever the reason or season.

I discuss the Nesco™ dehydrator and the FoodSaver™ vacuum-sealer and what supplies you need, such as vacuum-sealer bags, plus oxygen absorbers.

For long-term food storage, you'll discover the use of Mylar bags, plastic bins, and buckets with air-tight lids that actually unscrew easily!

Take Our Course to Learn Food Dehydrating 101—in just ONE HOUR!

  • Dehydrating Fruit – featuring the top 14 fruits
  • Dehydrating Vegetables – covering the top 16 veggies
  • Dehydrating Meat – the easy way using pre-cooked Chicken, Roast Beef, Turkey
  • Nesco™ Dehydrator
  • FoodSaver™ Food Vacuum-Sealer Safely Sealing your Food and Vacuum
  • Oxygen Absorbers – a "must-use" food protection item for long-term food storage
  • Storing Food Safely for Short- or Long-Term Storage – decide what your needs are – Long term? Short term? Bit of Both?
  • Build your own "out of sight" food storage wall—easy steps—takes about three hours

So Jump Right On In—You'll Be Glad You Did

Take the Food Dehydrating 101 online video course today!

On Udemy Now

1 hr Udemy course called "Food Dehydrating 101"
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Take Our Time-Saving Course—Food Dehydrating 101
with lifetime access on Udemy...

Take Our Time-Saving Course
Food Dehydrating 101

with lifetime access on Udemy...

...and keep your food pantry full—whatever the reason or season!

...and keep your food pantry full—
whatever the reason or season!

Food dehydrating is an effective way to preserve foods for emergency situations. Having a stockpile of dehydrated foods can provide sustenance when normal food supply chains are disrupted.

This Udemy course covers everything you need to know about dehydrating food in just one hour. It teaches how to dehydrate fruits, vegetables, and meats so they last for years in storage.

Specifically, the course covers dehydrating 14 top fruits, 16 popular vegetables, and pre-cooked meats like chicken, roast beef, and turkey. It explains how to use a Nesco dehydrator and FoodSaver vacuum sealer to properly dehydrate and package foods.

Vacuum sealing with oxygen absorbers is key for long-term storage. The course teaches you how to safely store dehydrated foods using Mylar bags, plastic bins, and buckets. It also shares tips on building a concealed food storage area in your home.

Having at least a 3-9 day supply of food is recommended in case of emergencies like natural disasters, EMPs, pandemics, or economic collapse. Dehydrated foods from this course can provide sustenance if regular food supply chains are disrupted.

The goal is to be prepared and self-reliant, so you can also help others in need. By taking this 1-hour course, you'll have the knowledge to start dehydrating foods today and build an emergency food supply.

The course is available anytime on Udemy, with lifetime access and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Investing an hour now could help provide food security for you and your family in an uncertain future.

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