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Article 8
Jolly Old England

Article 8
Jolly Old England

Really Breath-taking Scenery

Really Breath-taking

Scenery at Breedon on the Hill

Upon returning from Jolly Old England – Derbyshire in particular – after a three week visit to my home country, I was struck by the overall grit and determination of the British people.They don't let the dismal weather conditions get them down – they know summer is on its way albeit it a few months from now – but you get a sense of 'spring is in the air'.

While living in the USA, global TV news reports show mass rioting and general unrest – but remember, that's the TV News' job to report, but it's never reported fairly. They'd have you believe that the whole island population of Jolly Old England are taking to the streets in protest. To the contrary.

It's the "useful idiots" (a term coined by Russian Vladimir Lenin) that are the demonstrating puppets – and the sad part is, they don't even know what they are demonstrating about and who the puppet-master is! (George Soros and the alt./far left).

The breathtaking scenery is enough to put a smile on any old curmudgeon's face. The neatly spaced trees make efficient wind breaks which is quite a welcome respite from the cold breezes ...

It left me quite in awe having been a resident of flat-Florida for the past 33 years.

Spreading Unrest in Jolly Old England?

Easy Food Dehydrating & Safe Food Storage

This rash of unrest has spread to the USA, but again, it's the newspapers' and TV stations' jobs to make it sound like it's far worse and more serious than it really is. Anything to get attention – and notice that it's always from the (far) left-wing. Guess who owns the TV stations and radio stations that are reporting all this? Yes, the left-wingers again.

Please, I'm not saying that this stuff isn't important ... it's just politics, as usual ... and the USA in general are getting tired of it, whether you're left- or right-wing.

A safe-bet TV/cable/satellite station is Fox News ... but even better: Channel 212 on Dish Network: TheBlazeTV Network and his own network! But that's just my opinion. Anyway, back to the UK!

Chelford Market, Cheshire

What was brought to my attention upon my visit to Chelford Market in Cheshire, which has been in operation just over one hundred years, were the chickens, ducks, and rabbits – all for sale at the auction.

Many of these animals are sold for breeding, and were the kids 'hobbies' – a way for them to earn their spending money, instead of sitting in front of a TV with an Xbox glued to their hands ... waiting for mom and dad to wait on them, hand and foot.

They were learning that you have to work to earn money, to get what you want – not wait for government hand-outs.

Chelford Market in Cheshire, UK

A Bacon Butty and a
Hot Cuppa Tea – Heaven!

CLICK on the pic to see it bigger!

It was at this very market where I had my 'bacon butty' (sandwich!) and a cuppa hot tea (heaven!) and it wouldn't be jolly old England without them. Just what the doctor ordered to warm your insides on a blustery day, with remnants of snow crunching underfoot.

Britain's Roads

M1 Motorway sign near Derbyshire

Britain's roadsides are a joy and at times a huge frustration. The joyful side happens while driving the country lanes, not knowing what's around the next bend on those narrow roads. The frustration comes from traffic congestion on the motorways – nothing new to New Yorkers or Los Angeles residents, I'm sure!

I was pleasantly surprised at how courteous the drivers were. Most pull over to let you down the narrow, often cobbled, roads which are usually lined with parked cars down one side – with double yellow (no parking) lines on the other side. These fantastic roads that were suitably-built back then for a horse and carriage look odd with modern "smart" cars parked in front of the stone-built terraced (row) houses.

Jolly Old England Telephone Box!

Red English telephone boxes, AKA booths

It was great to see the old red telephone boxes (AKA booths) and to see that they haven't quite become old relics due to the cell-phone boon, but to be honest, I didn't see anyone using them!

There are many old stone buildings, built with such loving care and precision, that it takes your breath away – all stones shaped by hand – not to mention the stone walls corralling the sheep and cows, creating patchwork quilts of differing shades of green grass.

A laid hedge and stone buildings in Derbyshire UK

'Laid' Hedgerows
and Stone Walls;
Fabulous Stone

'Laid' Hedgerows
and Stone Walls;
Fabulous Stone Buildings

Where there's no stone walls, the hedgerows have to fill in.

My friend, John, pointed out "laid" hedges ... and as you can see from my photo, the branches are laid down to fill in gaps, naturally.

Charming Thatched-Roof Cottages


Thatched Cottage anyone? Yes, there are some 'beauts' for sale, though way out of my price league! I've noticed in my short stay, while perusing "Homes For Sale" websites, that the Brits don't need huge living spaces. Why? The cost of electricity is why. Huh?

Thatched-roof cottages in Derbyshire

Why pay a fortune to heat a whole house with huge rooms?

In my opinion, that's why UK home builders have not fully embraced the US' love of 'open floor plans' ... this way you can shut the (french) door and keep the living room toasty warm while you're watching 'the telly'.

Why have the dining room 'toasty warm' too when you're not using it?

Many UK kitchens are tiny too, with the ability to 'eat-in' at a small table. I do hope that US builders take note that huge living spaces can feel quite overwhelming and uncomfortable, not at all warm and cozy. My opinions again!

Sadly, all trips come to an end, and I left Manchester Airport in the cold, drizzling rain, only to arrive at Orlando's airport ten hours later after an admittedly rather harrowing return flight, to be greeted by the golden warmth of the Florida sun.
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SIGN UP for our Six Simple Steps!

Keep YOUR Food Pantry FULL!

Learn how to keep a full pantry –
for any reason or season!

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