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Article 7
Time To Get Serious ...

Article 7
Time To
Get Serious ...

It's time to get serious ... and unless you happen to live under a rock, I'm sure you've all read and heard about all the attempts to "get the USA's debt situation under control."

It seems this current administration has no intention of helping this country slash its debt. It seems that the opposite is happening. Never mind saying "seems" – it IS happening!

The decision to raise the 'debt ceiling' once again, only re-enforces, to me, that we need to really get down to business.

Easy Food Dehydrating & Safe Food Storage

Where Are The Leaders?

We need to LEAD by EXAMPLE, and start dehydrating fresh foods in earnest and being prepared for the collapse of the US Dollar ... before food prices really hit the roof when inflation sinks in even worse than it is now!

Both political parties are not getting it. By raising the debt ceiling, it's just putting off the inevitable. Unless spending is kept within a yearly set budget AND massive Spending Cuts are made, we will never get the debt paid down.

I just have to wonder why Congress can't get the job done.

Get Serious: Balance Budgets ...

Pile of Gold Coins

Most of us at home have had to make spending cuts in our own budgets, due to job losses and maybe a cut-back in hours – and that equates to 'thinking smarter' and getting back to basics. Why can't both sides of the government do this too? Instead, political games play out and it's just like kids in the school playground, stamping their feet, when they don't get their own way. Shame on them!

Real inflation is just around the corner - we've already witnessed this in our food prices on the grocery store shelves. It's just a matter of time before we can't afford a loaf of bread ... (tip: start baking your own).

So, after my little rant there – it's time to really get down to dehydrating fresh fruit and veggies and meat ... and getting it put away now – as the debt ceiling will, once again, be reached – and Congress still will not have any concrete fixes in place by that time, as they'll be too busy working on their 'election' campaigns. Sad.
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Keep YOUR Food Pantry FULL!

Learn how to keep a full pantry –
for any reason or season!

Click the little girl's basket of
apples to find out all about it!

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