Face Masks - Got One?

Face Masks For When You Want To Look Your Best ...
well, you know what I mean!

Susan wearing face mask by Puranco at Etsy

Beautiful Face Masks

For nice-looking face masks I searched for days on behemoth Amazon. I found some half-decent-looking masks ... but many of the buyers said in their reviews that they hadn't received them at all ... and time is of the essence for my short trip down to the Florida Keys.

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by Puranco On Etsy

Puranco on Etsy

I recently came across a great Facebook post from Pura. She makes masks and sells them on Etsy at a very reasonable price. Her handiwork is excellent! Take a look at these pics below. Top one is man-sized for hubby; mine's a little smaller beneath his.

Face masks by Puranco at Etsy. 
Top: mens size. 
Bottom: ladies size.

Up Close And Personal

ladies face mask front/top by Puranco at Etsy

This view shows the top of my mask with the flexible metal over-the-nose-clip completely enclosed in the material's fold (no chance of it falling out/off!)

ladies face mask front/bottom by Puranco at Etsy

This is showing the bottom fold of the mask. It is very comfortable and lightweight.

ladies face mask interior showing filter opening available by Puranco at Etsy

This is the backside of the mask showing the opening where you slip in your filter.

Get A Really Well-Made Mask!

Do yourself a favor and go visit Puranco and grab your mask today! They are VERY affordable PLUS I got mine in THREE days! Beat that Amazon!

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