Liver Dog Treats by Donna

Kylee loves these liver dog jerky treatsKylee loves his dog jerky!

Scrumptious liver dog treats by Donna K. — On Donna's chicken jerky page, we asked the same question: Are you fed up of mass-market pet jerky and treats that contain ingredients you can't even pronounce? If so, these easy-to-make treats made from beef liver will please your pet.

Make the jerky treats right in your kitchen ... it's not imported, it's not full of God-knows-what, it's has no preservatives, no added color, or fillers. It has ONE (as in '1') ingredient. You gotta love '1'.

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No Slicing!

Raw Liver for Donna's Dog JerkyRaw Liver for Donna's Dog Jerky
Raw Liver on dehydrator trays for Donna's Dog JerkyClose-up photo - Raw Liver for Donna's Dog Jerky

As a change from chicken for my dogs, I use beef liver. The nice thing about beef liver is you don't have to slice it!

Donna jokes: "For me, that's a good thing as sharp knives and I don't go well together!"

Spray the dehydrator trays first with non-stick spray and lay the liver on them.

"If we measured our
affection toward others
by how many
nicknames we bestow
upon them, our pets
would be the
most loved."

— Carrie Brownstein

Do the "Snap Test" to check for "Doneness"

As seen on Donna's chicken pet jerky page, the same test applies for "doneness."

Simply bend the liver quickly and if it breaks, it's done. If it only bends, then there's still too much moisture in it. Put it back on the dehydrator and check every 12 to 18 hours.

Take note that on rare occasions meat can go bad. One time Donna forgot to turn on the dehydrator ... and the other time she tested out dehydrating her treats in her shed in the winter time ... it didn't work.

Do the "sniff test." If it smells bad, throw it away. Our pets are too precious to give 'em bad meat.

Pile of Dehydrated Beef LiverPile of Dehydrated Beef Liver
Dehydrated Liver for Dog Jerky TreatsDehydrated Liver for Donna's Dog Jerky Treats

Add Glucosamine Chondroitin to
your Liver Dog Treats by Donna

Stiff Joints eased,
get Fresh Breath too!

For Donna's senior dog, Kylee (a fabulous 12-year-young German Shepherd shown at the top of this page), Donna opens a capsule of glucosamine chondroitin and sprinkles it on the raw meat. When the liver dries, it's a joint supplement and a treat — all in one!

Donna says "If your dog has bad breath, you can sprinkle the raw meat with a bit of mint leaves. Use your imagination ... just try to keep it natural for your pet's health!"

"Molley and Kylee
love our dog treats!"
— Donna K. and Jenna

Dogs waiting for pet treatsIs the jerky done yet? beg Molley and Kylee

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CHICKEN jerky dog treats

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to make your own treats,
take a look at Donna's
Etsy store and buy 'em
ready made right here!

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