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Food Dehydrating Made Easy!

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Food Dehydrating Made Easy on Udemy:
3 hours of content; 15 sections; 65+ lectures; 9 quizzes!

In the course, I teach you how to safely dehydrate fruits, vegetables, and meat for long-term food storage.

Discover the differences between two-styles of dehydrators: the Nesco™ and Excalibur™ and see what supplies you need to have on hand for vacuum-sealing such as a FoodSaver™ vacuum-sealer and bags, plus oxygen absorbers. For long-term food storage, you'll discover the use of Mylar bags, plastic bins, and buckets with air-tight lids that actually unscrew easily!

3-hr in-depth course
only $29.99 ~ on Udemy

Food Dehydrating Made Easy!

In-Depth Answers to Questions:

  • Six Simple Steps
  • Nesco™ and Excalibur™ Dehydrators — best uses for both dehydrators and a nifty use of Excalibur dehydrators for bread ...
  • Safely Sealing your Food and Vacuum Sealer Bags and Rolls — which to use, when, and why
  • Oxygen Absorbers — a "must-use" food protection item for long-term food storage
  • Storing Food Safely for Short- or Long-Term Storage — decide what your needs are — Long term? Short term? Bit of Both?
  • Build your own "out of sight" food storage wall — easy steps — takes about three hours
  • Re-Hydrating Dehydrated Food — which water is the best to use and other tasty ideas!
  • Dehydrating Fruit — featuring the top 14 fruits
  • Dehydrating Vegetables — covering the top 16 veggies
  • Dehydrating Meat — the easy way using pre-cooked Chicken, Roast Beef, Turkey

Along With Six of my Favorite Recipes with Dehydrated Food:

  • Carrot Soup
  • Cauliflower Soup
  • Potato Bacon Hash
  • Ratatouille
  • Apple Sauce
  • Banana Cinnamon Rolls

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Food Dehydrating Made Easy!

What Others Have to Say About Our 3-Hour Video Course:

by George P.,
Very in-depth course

I love courses like this that go really in-depth on a focused area. Susan is obviously very experienced with using a food dehydrator and I enjoy watching how she shares all the tricks she's learned over the years. Tips on everything from the use of oxygen bags to how to rehydrate foods to specific temperature settings for different fruits, vegetables and meats. The real benefit for me is that I'm currently a casual food dehydrator (already own a Nesco) and now that I'm more confident in my preparation techniques I can move towards making dehydrated foods a larger portion of my food supply.

by Mrs Amanda Bennetts
Wow I feel like an expert now

I knew nothing about dehydrating food before & now, after doing this course I feel like an expert :) Thanks Susan, it was lots of fun learning about all the different aspects & I really enjoyed your enthusiasm for every element. Fantastic course that I would recommend to anyone :)

by Charity Cason
A very comprehensive course on food dehydrating!

This course really covers it all when it comes to learning food dehydrating! I like how it's laid out and the videos are very informative and easy to understand. Would highly recommend for anyone who wants to make good use of food dehydrating techniques!

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