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Stinky Rotten Food

Prior to creating the Easy Food Dehydrating eBook and this website, I was getting really fed up throwing away wilted brown celery, and furry tomatoes ... and STINKY potatoes – THE absolute WORST smelling rotten food on this planet! I wasn't sure what to do ...

There's got to be something out there that can help.

What about canning, and smoking you ask? – To be honest both methods just seemed to be too much work to me.

There had to be an easier way, right?

Yes! ... dehydrate fresh produce BEFORE it SPOILS!

What a concept. Funny thing is, food dehydrators have been around for years but it took finding gross food in my 'fridge before finding a solution to the rotten-food fiasco. Now I don't have to worry about all that. Check out these points:

Having enough Emergency Food On-Hand ~
I can re-stock year 'round!

I can Dehydrate Fruit and Vegetables for Healthy Snacks!

Affordable In-Home Prep

No Food Wasted! Turn leftovers into Emergency Meals!

Storing my Dehydrated Foods SAFELY!

How to make delicious meals - Recipes included - with re-hydration tips

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I've been looking for a book like this for a while, a way to save and stock the pantry in case of emergencies with food that can actually be used on a day to day basis, as well. The problem with a lot of prepper books, for me, any way, is that my family wouldn't eat or use the stuff they recommend unless it's the end of the world. Literally."  —Fiona

I have been dehydrating for many years and this book had many new ideas and recipes that motivated me to try different things. All the books I have don't really give you ideas what to do with what you've dried. This one does that for me. Glad I bought it."  Ron

Terrific book! Full of great recipes that can be adapted to fit your taste. I have been drying food for about 20 years and completely endorse this book and the reasoning behind it."  Allen

This is a very useful book! Being a vegetarian, I find this book so helpful because I buy fruits and vegetables in bulk when they're in season specially apples. Now I can buy all the apples I want and dehydrate them to last me until they're in season again! Apple chips! Oh yeah! I will never run out of apples ever again. This is good stuff!"  Pura

The EFD eBook really helped me out. Didn't realize you could dehydrate food at home; always thought you had to buy it in the grocery store, ready done!"  Allen

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