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Top 20 Food Dehydrating Topics - 225 Questions asked, and answered! From Easy Food Dehydrating

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Need your dehydrating food questions answered?
Of course you do! But you don't know where to start?
Or what to ask?
It's like that old saying, "You don't know what you don't know"!

Our site (Easy Food Dehydrating) used to have each question posted as it came in, making it laboriously time-consuming to have to read each and every post ... so I got to work!

Over the years I've been asked many questions about dehydrating food, so I've carefully compiled the questions and their answers into a categorized eBook - so you can get quick answers to your questions!

I decided to organize the best questions I've ever been asked and sorted them into 20 categories ... and "How to Dehydrate Food... Top 20 Topics ...over 225 Questions Answered" was born!

This way, the answers to your burning questions are all easy-to-find and are neatly categorized in one easy-to-read eBook!

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Dehydrating Food questions Answered
Inside, you'll get answers
to these top 20 topic questions:

• Eggs
• Mylar bags
• Conditioning food
• Herbs
• Pet food
• Plastic wrap and parchment paper
• Storing wheat, flour - dry goods
• Blanching food
• Lemon juice use
• Snack food
• Re-hydrating food
• Pre-made food dehydration/storage
• Vacuum sealers and bags
• How long will it last?
• Dehydrating meat
• Oxygen packs
• Dehydrator questions
• Dehydrating fruit
• Dehydrating vegetables
• Why do all this?

only  2.99 today

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