It's Christmas Time Once More

Christmas Tree 2014

It's Christmas time once more—my how time flies. We here at Easy Food Dehydrating wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

wish you
Merry Christmas,

we wish you a Merry
we wish you a

Merry Christmas - and a Happy

We hope that 2014 has been good to you. Our greatest wish is that 2015 will be better... not to mention 2016—but oops—there I go! That is so far off in the future, I can hear you say.

If you've ever read any of our other articles, you'll notice that our site isn't just about food dehydrating... no.

This site began because of my shock and horror at what state this world is in—how it's morphing from good to bad. You've probably noticed my lack of faith in government administration.

Things can change... but:

"You must first be the change you want to see in this world"

— Gandhi

"You must first
be the change
you want to see
in this world"

— Gandhi

Just that simple quote from Gandhi makes you want to take action, doesn't it? Same with Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror". 

Sitting around waiting for things to change is futile; we have to be the ones to make the change—first in ourselves. If they are positive changes, others will notice and will want to follow suit.

Bringing Out The Best...

Christmas Time brings out the best in all of us. It's that special magical feeling that I wish was with us all—all year long.

But the frustration of everyday living and bills in the mail soon takes away that "happy feeling."

Not to mention political shenanigans.

So make the best of it while it's here! Smile—laugh—send out your Christmas Cards with a personal note inside...

Those Good Old Traditions!

Christmas Tree 2014

Traditions. We all have them. Every year I take out these polystyrene birds. They amaze me each and every time—how carefully someone made their wings of feathers, and glued on beady eyes—all the way to the proud tail feathers!

The Christmas tree and reindeer on the fragile shell ornament were painted by a 90+ yr young man named Mr Sward. The ornament comes out every year. It's as much to honor him as it is Christmas!

Traditions keep us going. They remind us of time gone by—of loved ones lost—and remind us to keep those still with us near and dear in our hearts and lives.

So to all of you, a good night. Keep warm. Be well.

Be kind to one another.
Copyright© December, 2014

Susan Gast owner, Easy Food Dehydrating plus and

Susan Gast began Easy Food Dehydrating in December 2010. Read Susan's story of what sparked her interest in all things related to "food dehydrating."

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