Food Dehydrating 101 is Here!

By popular demand, Food Dehydrating 101 is here!  What is it? Glad you asked! 

Udemy is one of the leaders in offering a great learning (and teaching) platform.

Visited by thousands daily (myself included), why not make it your next stop to pick up our course?

It's my ONE HOUR Udemy video course—it teaches you all you really need to know about food dehydrating—in yes, one hour.

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1 hr course Food Dehydrating 101

Our Jam-Packed One Hour Course
On Food Dehydrating

Emergency Food

Easy Food Dehydrating 101 - Emergency Food

With all the trouble and strife going on around the world, it saddens me to know that only a few people are really prepared for natural- or man-made disasters, including pandemics. 

It really scares me to know that a natural solar flare EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) could take out all our power grids.

Life as we know it today would change dramatically overnight. To be honest, even those of us who do have some cans of food and bottled water stashed away—it's nowhere near enough.

After a while you grow sick of canned stuff. And that's why I say "dehydrate fresh fruits and veggies" while it's plentiful (in the stores) and coming into season in your garden.

Chart Your Own Course

Not too long ago, I created a full 3-hour Udemy course—only to be met with people asking for a shorter version. Time is limited—I hear ya!

So I got to work and created the one hour course. Another labor of love! Please check it out. Do yourself a favor and have enough food on hand to last for months. Keep your family well-fed during any crisis. You can only help others IF you help yourself first.

Recap: For those of you with limited time—where reading a book or clicking through umpteen pages on this site, then our ONE HOUR COURSE will suit you to a T. 

Read more about it on the Udemy platform HERE.
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