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FoodSaver V2240

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When we have dehydrated our foods, we let it condition.

After conditioning, our next step is to place the foods into the quart-size or pint-size vacuum bags.

Add the 100cc oxy-pack, and now we're ready to use the FoodSaver® machine which vacuums the air out of our bags.

In order to preserve foods properly for long-term storage, it is very important to keep out these three elements: moisture, air, and light.

By dehydrating the food first, that takes care of the 'moisture' issue. Second, by vacuuming the bags, we achieve the 'air' removal. Finally, by storing our vacuum-sealed food in Mylar bags and then in bins, preferably in a dark area, that takes care of the 'light' issue.

We now have food on hand, put away for long-term storage and safe-keeping.

Compact, Lightweight:
Does the Job Well

FoodSaver V2240 Open Wide

We've been using our FoodSaver® for many years now, and it's never let us down. When not in use, I store it in one of those white plastic garbage can liners, to keep it clean - even though it's stored on a shelf in a cupboard!

short video on vacuum-sealing food:

Before storing it away, make sure that you clean out the narrow oval-ended tray that sits down below the lower "oval"s opening. We are mainly vacuum sealing "dry" ingredients, so most of the "stuff" you'll find in that tray are tiny pieces of dehydrated items that you can just toss out, and give the tray a wipe over with a clean damp dish cloth. Obviously if it's really dirty, wash it in warm soapy water, let air dry, and replace back in the machine.

I DO NOT clamp my handle down when it's in storage - there's absolutely no need to do that.

It's very easy to use and you can vacuum either 'wet' or 'dry' foods. The machine automatically defaults to the 'dry' setting which is handy for us because that's all we're vacuuming!

For proper vacuum-bag placement,
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to see lots more photos and explanations.

The photos show you exactly where to place
the open end of the bag on the machine
for perfect seals every time!

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