Dehydrating Pet Food:
Feasts Fit For Fido and Fifi!

Chicken, Beef, and Pork Make Perfect Pet Treats!


Mmm Chicken Chow so good!

Dehydrating Pet Food at Home

My husband and I were out swimming when we noticed this tiny dog on our patio, looking over at us.

Whenever we attempted to get close to her, she'd run off. It was about a month later, on my father's 80th birthday, that the little doggie needed help (huge tick on her ear which we immediately had removed) and this time, she didn't run away and she gladly let us help her!

We drove around our local streets asking if anyone had a missing pooch – but no-one laid claim.

We then adopted this fantastic Miniature Pinscher, I decided right then and there that I would learn how to make my own doggie food! Now, about once a month, usually on a Saturday morning for me, I get going, and it takes me about two hours from start to finish.

Turns out, she loves chicken, beef, and pork – and I use a pressure cooker to prepare this for her.

Details on how to make this super doggie food is in the link in the colored box below, and I want to add that you can make it from my dehydrated vegetables, AND it can be dehydrated AFTER it's made!

click the link just below or
click our Min Pin's Photo
at the top of the page
to see how you can make

Chicken Chow
our Min Pin's Favorite Food!

Please feel free to send in your cat and dog food recipes! But even if you're NOT entering right now, definitely click on these two links POOCH TREATS and FURRY FELINE TREATS to see what others have sent in!

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