Dehydrating Beef:
using Pre-Cooked, Pre-Sliced
Roast Beef

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Today, Dehydrating Beef was on my dehydrating to-do list. I find it hard to slice my own roast beef (I don't have an electric slicer), so I did the next best thing, and bought the meat pre-sliced and pre-cooked!

Just like the sliced turkey, and sliced chicken, it dehydrated beautifully AND re-hydrated very well too!

I used a 7 oz. plastic tub of Pre-Cooked Roast Beef from Target Stores.

NOTE: As with leftover chicken from your Sunday Roast Dinner, you can slice up your roast beef - as evenly as possible - and make them similar in size. This way, your beef will dehydrate at the same rate of time.

The Roast Beef from Target filled all four of my Nesco Dehydrator trays, with about three slices on each tray.

TWO hours later, it was fully dehydrated!

Don't forget to turn the heat UP to 160°F -- never dehydrate meat on a lower setting, that's not safe (germ-wise).

I couldn't believe how
VERY easy it was to do!

Here are some photos of the sliced roast beef on the dehydrator 'before' and 'after' dehydrating.

roast beef, before and after dehydrating

Ideal Temperature to use for
Dehydrating Cooked Roast Beef

Cooked roast beef is best dehydrated at 160°F as mentioned above - but please consult your food dehydrator's owners manual for their specific instructions.

Roast beef before and after Re-hydrating

Shown above is a slice of roast beef held by its corner, to show you how stiff the roast beef was after dehydrating, and then I took another photo, just an hour later of the same piece of beef to show you how limp it was after re-hydrating!

IMPORTANT: re-hydrate in the refrigerator in CLEAN water.

Don't leave it out on the counter top and let the expensive roast beef go bad!

Re-hydrate in Beef Stock if you wish!

Roast Beef after re-hydrating

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