Dehydrating Apples
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Apple Peeler and Corer
Apple Spraying with lemon juice

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Dehydrating Apples

By dehydrating apples at home, you can have a supply of juicy apples available all year if you're not lucky enough to have your own apple orchard out back! How?

Simply follow the instructions below -- and purchase apples when they are in season and plentiful via the grocery store in bags or from your own back yard in bushels!

Apple's best vitamins are: vitamin A, vitamin C, followed by vitamin K with trace amounts of Choline, Pantothenic Acid, and Niacin.

The mineral content of apples are Potassium, followed by Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, and trace amounts of Zinc.

Apples also contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

~ Dehydrating Apples ~

If using frozen apples, ignore steps 1 and 2.

  1. Peel, core, and slice your apples with a handy apple-peeler- corer gadget.
  2. Place slices in a bowl and generously spray with lemon juice. TIP: Use a pump-top from a new unused spray bottle, pick one that fits your lemon juice bottle, look for one that has a long enough plastic tube that will reach to the bottom of your lemon juice bottle.
  3. Arrange the apple slices on your dehydrator trays, making sure the apples don't overlap.
  4. Turn on your food dehydrator and set the temperature between 125°F and 135°F
    (or per your food dehydrator's instructions).
  • Delicious dried apples are pliable when dried.
  • Drying time: between 4-10 hours.
  • Please remember to rotate your dehydrator trays for even drying.

Simply add water to your dried apples to re-hydrate them, and we're off making the best apple pies around... or applesauce, or apple breads, or cookies...

You'll want one of those apple peeler corer gadgets! Honest! Not only are they easy to use, they are truly fascinating to watch! See the ad near the top of the right-hand column and get yours today.

(You can also peel potatoes with them too!)

Hmmm .... Soon the delicious apple-pie aroma from your kitchen will be drawing friends and neighbors for miles!

Dehydrated Apples in Vacuum Bags

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An Apple
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dice them up in salads

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