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Well, due to the amount of testimonials, and the shortness of the left hand column(!) we've decided to have a page dedicated to you, the readers, who've taken time to post a testimonial on facebook or have contacted us via our "contact us" form.

So a BIG "Thank YOU" from Easy Food Dehydrating to all of YOU!

Thanks Cathy! - EFD
Thanks Gillian! - EFD
Thanks Juliette! - EFD
Thanks Kimberly! - EFD
Thanks Linda! - EFD
Thanks Patricia! - EFD
Thanks Petra! - EFD
Thanks Robin! - EFD
Thanks Roxanne! - EFD
Thanks Mj! - EFD
Thanks Marlene! - EFD
Thanks Nancy!

and MORE testimonials!

"All of you on Facebook, if you're into storing food for long periods of time, this is the way to go!"

-- Jim Reece

~ ~ ~

"It's nice and good looking and very interesting. Especially the pet food section is great. Thanks!"

-- Sebastian Wree, Weight Loss Coach at Weight Loss Tips Deluxe

~ ~ ~

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this wonderful site. I bought a dehydrator about 5 months ago and it's been such a blessing. It wasn't easy finding a comprehensive site to learn the ins and outs of preserving food this way. Thank you for the time it took to put this website together. Also thank you for informing people about the need to prepare in a caring way, one that doesn't scare people off :-)"

-- Kerri

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