Article 4
Are You Prepared Yet?

Article 4
Are You
Prepared Yet?

Ask Yourself: Are You Prepared Yet?
Even a Tiny Bit? Or A Lot?

It's Sunday afternoon and I was supposed to be taking the day off. But I know that rain is headed our way, so I decided to fix the threshold on the entry door, near to where I'm sitting typing this. We are in the middle of the dry winter, moving into the spring season, here in Florida, and a major rain fall right now, would be very much welcomed!

The door threshold had been rotting away for months, and my husband had purchased its replacement about three weeks ago. There it was – leaning against the wall next to the door. I was prepared, but just hadn't taken the step to actually 'do it'. (I'm the handy person in our family – so the job naturally fell to me!)

Here's the rub:
You Actually Have to 'Do It'

Have you taken actual steps to take care of your family if and when there is a US dollar crash? According to Mike Maloney of and it is nothing to fear, it happens with all fiat currencies.

But wait a minute, there's "nothing to fear?" No – he says, not if you're prepared! Fiat currencies collapse as noted throughout history. Read about it by getting Mike's book or buy the quite entertaining DVD: Why Gold and Silver? An Afternoon with Mike Maloney

Scattered throughout this site, you'll hear me going on about buying silver - or gold if you can afford it.
It's a good hedge against inflation.

All Aboard the "Getting Prepared" Train!

All Aboard the
"Getting Prepared"

We need to prepare, here's a few easy ways:

  • an alternative to the US dollar: gold, silver, commodities.
  • food: buy fresh foods now while you can and dehydrate it.
  • food again: buy canned meats, and non-perishables. Now.
  • and food again: grow your own – get the Survival Seed Bank, my seeds are on their way as I type this.
  • an alternative to electricity for cooking: get the Crisis Cooker that uses scrap wood, propane gas, or charcoal briquettes as alternative fuel sources.
  • get a solar generator: start producing your own albeit small amount of emergency power – mine's outside right now doing its thing.

Most people, when confronted with the above, either shrug their shoulders as in defeat; or outright say "it'll never happen in the USA!"

Then there's me. Classed as the worrywart. But I'm ready.

I can help my friends and family – just in case the unthinkable does happen. And so you can ask me: "Are You Prepared Yet?" and I'll answer: "Yes".

You can be the anchor in your family. Just do it.
Copyright© April, 2011

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