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Melissa was reading the "green beans" page and posted on Facebook: "Do you add any seasoning?"

Hi Melissa, regarding seasoning green beans (or any other vegetable for dehydrating), the answer is no. I only season the veggies when re-hydrating them ready for use in soups etc. Thanks for posting!

I am having trouble with my food saver vac bags getting pin holes in them from sharp dehydrated foods. Do you use something special or sell something to help this? Thank you so much, Larry

Hi Larry, sorry to hear that you're getting punctured bags, it does happen.

Are you using "FoodSaver" brand bags? If so, try using the ones I use, which are on this page:
Vacuum Bags ready for sealing and storing food

and I get them directly from:

DC Sales Enterprises - Vacuum Sealer Bags

(I receive no commission from DC Processing; they're just VERY GOOD bags which were recommended to me when I first started out).

Also, Larry, try smoothing out your dried foods in the bag first. I put in my foods with their oxypack, clamp it in the FoodSaver vacuum sealer, smooth out the bag as best I can, and THEN vacuum it. I hope that helps! THANK YOU for writing in!

Roger posted on Facebook: Do you need to use the lemon juice? It does not matter to me if the apples are brown.

Hi Roger, the lemon juice stops the enzymatic action (that causes the "brown" and makes food "go bad") but if you want to try it without, let us know how they turned out! THANKS for posting, have a super day!

I want my apples to be crispy not pliable. I am new to this so would I just leave them in longer for a crispier treat? Mark and Tracy, Utah

Hi Mark and Tracy! Yes, just leave them in until they're as crispy as you'd like! Thanks for posting Susan

Jonathan wrote in to say: "I am looking at Dehydrating foods for emergency preparedness.  If I follow your instructions with the dehydrating, bagging, sealing, 02 pack and then I put in a deep freezer will that increase the time element of which I can store?"

Hi Jonathan,

That is a very good question, and thanks for taking time to write in. I would NOT suggest you deep freeze the dehydrated food, as that's introducing the chance of water (albeit frozen) entering our dehydrated packages ... There is a difference between freeze drying and dehydrating, so with our method, we are trying to keep out air, light, and moisture.

Raelyn posted to the site: How do I dry herbs using my dehydrator?

Hi Raelyn, you can dry herbs between two of the non-stick Nesco sheets called "clean-a-screens". This will stop the dried herbs from "flying around" inside the dehydrator!

Thanks for posting!

... and Raelyn had another related question:

My dehydrator does not have the special tray ... is it safe to use the parchment paper for herbs and fruit leather?

Hi again! Yes it's safe to use parchment paper for herbs, but as I posted in the other post, you can use two Nesco "clean-a-screens" to sandwich the herbs to stop "fly aways", but you can also use cling wrap for the fruit leathers.

ALWAYS cut out the center hole when using Nesco-brand dehydrators. Thanks for posting Raelyn!

Easy Food Dehydrating & Safe Food Storage

Connor wants to know if you have to defrost the peas before you stick them in the dehydrator?

Hi Connor, thanks for posting. No, you don't have to thaw the peas, they're good to go! They're the easiest veg to do, along with frozen corn!

Katie posted on Facebook: "My corn smelled like vinegar both times I dehydrated it and tasted like it when we reconstituted it. Any suggestions or do you know why? I am using an old Ronco machine that takes forever but I wonder if it went bad in the time it took to dehydrate it..."

Hi Katie, that doesn't sound too good. Make sure your corn is very fresh or use frozen corn. Sugars go sour and if the corn is dried at too low a setting, it may have gone bad. If you can, invest in a new dehydrator and be safe! Check out the ads over of the right for Nesco's over at Amazon. I love my Nesco! (and Excalibur!) Thanks for posting!

Raelyn has another question, this time about leeks: "How about leeks? Do I do them like onions?"

Hi Raelyn! Leeks are good aren't they? Much milder than onions, but it's a "yes" to your question. Thanks for posting!

Can you tell me if I can open cans of tuna and or chicken and dehydrate them before they expire? I will not be able to eat them all before they expire and would like to dehydrate them for my stock. If so, how long would they be good for? Thank you very much. Judy in Arizona.

Hello Judy, First, thanks for taking time to write in, I appreciate it!

Regarding dehydrating canned tuna and chicken: I've never tried it, but because they are already cooked, I don't see why it wouldn't work!

Drain the meats well in a sieve in the sink and then put on your dehydrator. IF you have the fruit roll-up  (solid vs mesh) sheets, so much the better as that will catch stray drips.

If you don't have either, then try using parchment paper IF the chicken or tuna is too wet. Also, remember to dehydrate on the higher "meat" setting. Make sure to thoroughly clean the dehydrator afterwards.

To be honest Judy, I'd be more inclined to simply keep the tuna and chicken in their cans, and buy "extra" every week and use up the oldest first ... it's what I do here at home (regarding canned tuna and chicken). My latest purchase of a "tower of Chicken cans" from the big box store has an expiration date of 2015 ... and if you did dehydrate them, I'd only give them the same amount of time, though others may claim that it could last decades. In the end, it's up to you.

Heather posted on Facebook: "Can you use canned green beans?"

Hi Heather! Yes, you can use canned green beans, look for the no-salt variety. Thanks for posting hope your beans turn out well but before I go, remember that canned green beans will just about have the same shelf life as dehydrated green beans, so there's not much "gain" there (to me).

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Easy Food Dehydrating & Safe Food Storage

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for any reason or season!

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