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The PowerSource 1800

Here's Solar Made Easy for you! Back in October (2010) while watching Fox evening news, we saw Brian Brawdy, (survival expert), extol the virtues of Solutions from Science's portable solar powered generator -- the PowerSource 1800 -- and right away, we saw its potential.

A basic solar generator made easy, affordable and available -- we ordered one online and three weeks later, we were proud owners! Why three weeks? I believe there was a backup (pun intended!) in their orders due to its popularity!

Fully Charge It Up First

We followed the basic charge-up procedure which entails plugging in the Solar Generator unit for a couple of days to your home's electric power source (it has a regular grounded plug attached just for this purpose) -- but don't be tempted to test out the solar panel straight away! The battery needs to be charged properly first.

PowerSource 1800 Solar Generator

The PowerSource 1800 Solar Generator came with very good written instructions and the basic solar panel itself was very easy to set up.

There are two angles to set the side brackets which are attached to the legs -- one for winter and the other for summer.

Being in Florida, my husband has already changed our panel to the summer setting (this being written in March 2011.

He may have been a little hasty as the temperature's fallen to mid 40°F's recently overnight!)

Click here to see our photos of how we set it up and what it looks like in general...

Let There Be Light!...

PowerSource 1800  Solar Generator power cord

The Solar Generator is fantastic for emergency lighting (use a lamp fitted with a compact fluorescent bulb to save drawing power even more!) and for keeping your laptop charged and the modem up and running! You know, the very important emergency stuff (that written with tongue-in-cheek.)

Really, I can see this Solar Generator being a life-saver for those with medical conditions that require constant power to run a medical device.

Please, before jumping online to order your Solar Generator, make sure that the generator you order will have sufficient power to run the medical apparatus you have.

Solutions from Science have three sizes to choose from: the PowerSource 1800 (which we own); the PowerHub1800 (four-times the power of ours!); and PowerHub Plus... that's some Serious Solar!

Free Power When Not In Use
For Storm Power-outages!

It is so satisfying to be able to use the Solar Generator to power my crock-pot or a food dehydrator, but on not-so-sunny days I do have to alternately use the house power and the solar panel to keep it going. It beeps to let me know when I need to switch over!

This surely is 'Solar Made Easy' for us!

PowerSource 1800 running a crockpot!

I have the smallest Solutions from Science generator.

The dehydrator and crock-pot are heat-generating appliances and anytime you're generating heat, it takes far more electricity to produce heat; more than running a table lamp, for instance!

Check out the two links below (Indoors and Outdoors) so you can see how we set it up!

Make sure you also see:

Setting it up INDOORS | Setting it up OUTDOORS

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